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Spotify Crashing After Updating App

Spotify Crashing After Updating App

My Question or Issue

After having updated to the latest version of the app (8.6.80) Spotify will stop playing a song after around 30 sec and "crash".


The app is still open in the background but the song will stop playing and if you reopen the app the song will be back to the starting point. (e.g. you start a song at 0:10 which plays until 0:40 at which point the app will crash and the music will stop. When you reopen the app the song is back to 0:10)







iPhone 12 Pro

Operating System

iOS 14.8.1


22 Replies

Same here with

Same here. Crashes on iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro.

Same here with iPhone 12 Pro, version, tried uninstall, reinstall, reboot, 200Gigs of free space, started about an hour ago.

I have the same issue on an iPhone XS Max. I tried rebooting my iPhone and also reinstalling Spotify and I still had the same issue.

I'm having the same issue. App is pretty much unusable right now so I hope they get on this right away.

Same issue since this afternoon. App crashes after about 20-30 seconds. However, if I keep the app opened, it works. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon, because this isn’t really a workable situation. 

Offline mode seems ok.

me too-

iphone 11 14.8.1

I literally watched as the music stopped playing and the Spotify media player on my lock screen turned into a blank generic grey one with no info. When I reopen the app it’s back to some random point a few seconds into the song.

I have tried a full clean reinstall and checked to make sure it wasn’t just because of my AirPods (it’s not, it crashes without any Bluetooth devices too)

It started a couple hours ago for me, too. I reinstalled, logged out and logged back in, and I rebooted my phone but nothing seems to be working. I have iOS 15 and an XR, if I leave the app open it's fine but that's not really a solution. 😞 

Same here.  Spotify version and iOS 15.1.1.  Started 11/18/21 around 10 am est

Iphone 12

Music stopped playing and the Spotify media player on my lock screen turned into a blank generic grey one with no info. This happened when the app is in background.

I tried to reinstall and checked to make sure but the problem continue

 Spotify version

Same here. iPhone 13 Pro. iOS 15.1 (just updated today). Also updated app. Tried reinstalling, rebooting phone, rebooting app, force logout on all devices. Nothing works

Same here. iPhone 12 256 GB, iOS 15.1  Spotify version It really sucks. 

Same here with the iPhone 10R, songs can’t play past a minute without crashing or something

Same on iPhone XS with iOS 14.8.1 Spotify app version

Same here,


iOS 15.1 

I have already reinstalled Spotify but it did Not help.


Same here, with Spotify 8.6.80 on iPhone 12 Pro Max running iOS 15.1.1.

iPad Pro, same issue here. 

Same Issue, it overheats the phone and then crashes.

IOS Version: 15.1.1

Spotify Version:

Device: iPhone 12

Plan: Premium

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