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Spotify Plays when I lock my iphone

Spotify Plays when I lock my iphone

If I pause Spotify on my iPhone XS (Latest version of iOS and spotify) the music stops. Then whenever I hit the lock button on the right side of the phone the music starts playing again? So I have to exit the spotify app every time which is incredibly annoying. Is there a fix for this?



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Having the exact same problem with iPhone X. Really strange, guess it might be a bug with the newest update. Even tried restarting but still happens.

Same here, iPhone X. Even restarting doesn't help. Guess it's a buggy update.

Same issue here, just started after update to iOS 12.2 on iPhone XS



Uninstall Spotify and redownload. Just chatted with Spotify customer service.


I was having the same problem. Current version, iPhone XR, ect..


Uninstalling and reloading worked 🙂 

Same problem here.


Reinstalling? Really Spotify?


Not looking forward to re-downloading offline music.... is there no other way to fix this?



Worked for me too

Same issue on my iPhone X, super annoying!


Really don't want to have to download all my offline music again.. is there any other solution!?

Same. I have 14gb of music saved, When will an actual fix be published?

Same thing on my ipx. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the  app and of course redownloading the music..... helped for a  couple of hours. The same thing happened this morning. I am not going to reinstall the app again.  Too much data to download for me

Same for me. Reinstalling worked initially for a day or so, but the bug is now back.

Happens to me! 


Deleting and re-downloading the app (combined with multiple restarts of the phone) either does not help at all, or seems to help the first 2-3 times but then the problem comes back again.

Just an update. I tried redownloading as someone suggested and this worked for a day or two but the issue just comes back. It’s unworkable for me and no one from Spotify even has any information on it. I’ve ended up switching to Apple Music who offer a free three month trial too so that’s always an option if you get stuck like me.

Frrrr. It sucks cause I be a work and lock, bam wit loud music when I didn’t want any music, but just close the app until they fix it when’ll finish wit music 

It also happened on my iPhone, but I figured out, it seems only to happen, if there are Spotify-apps on PC/Mac opened, which see the iPhone as Player and the play button is pressed (in the app). If I press pause on the Mac app, the iPhone stops also playing when it's been locked. This COULD also happen with an Echo Dot and Alexa having asked to play Spotify.


So for me it's not a direct failure of the smartphone app, more the combination of other linked Spotify apps which played proir without pausing while changing to the phone.

I happily switched to Apple Music. A music streaming app that prioritizes consistency and stability is really a breath of fresh air. I can't believe I put up with Spotify's lazy, directionless design for so long. I'll miss Spotify's recommendations, but they're not worth suffering through this kind of bullsh*t. I hope Spotify gets its act together before it runs out of money.

If it's not fixed by the time this is set to renew I am going to just cancel it as well and try apple music out, I've been more than patient waiting on a reply or resolution from Spotify I think.


This is yet another reason I keep things like this that 'auto renew' on a prepaid card, cancelling it will be absolutely no trouble.


It's really a great indication of just how terrible the management must be at Spotify to let such a stupid bug linger this log, if they cannot fix something THIS simple just how secure do you figure the systems where they store your login info, or your creditcard info they force you to save is? My money is on "Not very secure AT ALL"


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