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Spotify Repeat Not Working

Spotify Repeat Not Working






(Iphone 13 pro max, Ipad pro 10.5 inch)

Operating System

(IOS 17, IPadOS 16)

My Question or Issue




I have a certain problem where whenever I click on a new song with the repeat button on, it turns off automatically and doesn’t repeat the new song once it finishes, but changes to reccomended songs.


Is this part of a new update, or is the spotify app having problems on apple devices,? Im having frustrations everytime the song ends and the repeat button doesn’t work when changing a new song.


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Samsung S22+

Operating System



My Question or Issue

Whenever I select a song in my playlist to play it, the repeating function turns off. This only happens on my phone. I don't think this used to happen before. I am honestly fine, but I want to know whether this is happening because of the update or it is just because there's something wrong with my phone.

Same here. It’s happened before in the past and then it “fixes” itself 

I'm having the same issue, it's incredibly annoying. Thanks for posting.

Well, in any case, it seems like I'll just have to wait.

im so upset bc my account just suddenly started doing this a few days ago and i cant even fathom why. i contacted customer service and it was some of the most useless “help” ive ever gotten. they also ruined my whole app setup with their suggestions 🥴 im a huge spotify fan but this and their customer service is just garbage




USA, regretfully


(iPhone 13)

Operating System

(iOS 16.6.1)


My Question or Issue

This may sound counterintuitive but I love the repeat all feature and it used to be on all the time automatically, and now it isn't, and I'm not sure when it started (within the last week or two) but I can't seem to do anything to fix it. Do y'all have any idea how I can turn that back on?

Hey folks,


Could you let us know the exact version of Spotify you're running? A short screen recording of this behavior would also be greatly appreciated.


Something that's worth trying out is logging out then signing back in to your account twice in a row - this triggers an internal refresh of the app that may help here. You can also try a clean reinstall of the app, if you haven't already.


We'll be on the lookout for your replies. Cheers!


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(Google Pixel 6, Desktop Computer)

Operating Systems

(Android 13, Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

The Repeat option used to stay active even when you'd switch playlists or artists. Now it's not the case anymore. If I activate it on a playlist/artist and decide to go to a different artist/playlist and start playing a song, the option resets itself. This is very annoying.


I want it to always be on, regardless of what I'm currently playing. I don't want to have to always activate it when I switch artists/playlists.


Edit: It's actually worse, whenever you click the play button on a song, the Repeat option resets itself, basically. Even if you stay on the same artist/playlist page. This makes no sense.


See the screen capture attached for an example of the behavior.

Hi! I am currently using Here is a video. I tried logging out and singing back in twice and a clean reinstall.

i had this issue, it went away, now it’s back and i absolutely hate it. i keep wondering why my music stops !!! stop ruining the app spotify!


ios 16.16.1 iphone 11

Yes, I notice this behavior these few days. Extremely annoying and distracting when playing music in the car.

Hey @papergal91,


Thanks for the video!


Can you provide a longer one that shows the Repeat feature being disabled after you've turned it on?



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This problem again started to occur on iOS devices, which is that the loop is always white despite me wanting it to be green for certain playlists. Started since September 2023.

hope this bug gets fixed soon!

Hey folks, 


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. 


We'd like to investigate it further. In this case, could you make sure to provide us with the following details?:


  • Make and model of your device
  • Operating system (e. g. Android 9; iOS 16)
  • Exact Spotify version
  • Troubleshooting steps you've already tried
  • Has this started happening after a specific event such as an update?

We'll be waiting for your replies.

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“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”– Maria von Trapp

I have the same issue. The loop feature automatically turns itself off nowadays, even though it's never done that ib the past. I tend to, and always have, listen to songs on loop a lot, and playlists too to be fair, so this is just a nuisance. I have to turn it on again every single time, and sometimes it even glitches out and shows it as enabked when it's not.


Basic Spotify premium plan & MIUI Global 14.0.2

21 days later, it’s still happening to me as well. It happened after I updated to iOS 17. Please fix this. It’s annoying.


edit: here are my devices that I use. As far as I know, it only happens on my phones. 

- iPhone 13 (iOS 17.0.3)

- Samsung A71 (Android 13, One UI 5.1)


Edit 2: I have attached a video with the repeat turning off every time I select a new song. 

It also happens now if my computer falls asleep and I come back to it. Almost like it's punishing me for pausing my listening...

UPDATE: I've got in touch with customer support and they've created a new account for me and transferred over my playlists, saved albums etc. Problem solved. Not what I was expecting as a fix but this has been driving me CRAZY so worth the hassle.

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