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Spotify UI

I was using spotify with another account it was working perfect, with another user interface which never crashed. Then i had to change my account for some facebook connect issues, i bought premium on new account then i logged in spotify ios app (I am using iphone 5s) i realized my ui has changed and it looks like a bit old and it started to crash more often. How can i fix this?
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Do you think you could get back to me with some screenshots? It might also be worth trying a quick reinstall to see if that helps.

Ive already reinstalled 3 times still no change. Uhm i dony know how to post screenshots here

On your iPhone, press the home and power button at the same time to take screenshots. They will be placed in your iOS photos Album. You can then email them or use a service like Dropbox or Box or cloud storage which you can then access from anywhere to post them here.
Lee Rayl

allright these are the screenshots of my spotify app, my friend has better ui and it never crashes. Cannot reach him atm for his screenshots.

Last quick question, what version of iOS are you using? You can find this in settings | General | About version
Lee Rayl

I am using ios 9.1 at the moment.

Is any mod or dev gonna help me with this issue? This gets boring, lots of crashes. Im frustrated with these crashes.

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