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Spotify and SmartCast

Spotify and SmartCast

I have a question for anyone. Is anyone else having a problem where in the smartcast Vizio app it shows Spotify as a castable app. But when you click on the app and it opens Spotify, your Tv/or speaker doesn’t show up as a device to select from? 

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I’ve done a factory reset once on my vizio TV and it began working again temporarily but now it’s not showing up.  Would love to know how to fix it besides doing another factory reset.

Same. In my Spotify app I can usually choose the devices to play to, including my Vizio tv (using SmartCast). Over the last month or so, my tv does not show up as one of the devices. The tv and my phone are on the same wi-fi connection - I've done everything but nothing works. Even the Chromecast device in my bedroom shows up - every other type of device shows up on the list, but not my the Vizio Smartcast. It used to be listed, what happened???

I’ve been wondering the same thing. Spotify through my Chromecast is full of bugs and I have had no luck trying to work through the issues with @SpotifyCares. It worked perfectly on my Vizio through SmartCast, but that option has disappeared. Frustrating.

I am also having this problem! It seemed like just a month or two ago I could cast from Spotify on iOS 11 on my new iphone 8 plus, and now it's not even an option. I can play connect via my xbox but the sound is just not the same as it is for chromecast for some reason. I too have a Vizio TV and have factory reset it. 

I’m having the exact same issue as everyone else here. Spotify was one of the primary apps I would cast to my Vizio TV via Smartcast but about a month or so ago it just...disappeared from my Spotify app.


I was really hoping this would be resolved since it’s such a popular app and it’s extremely frustrating that they’re no longer working together. I stopped using Spotify as much and started streaming music on YouTube but this is not a good long term option.


Anyone get a resolution on this?

Hoping enough people here will post their issues as well so Spotify will resolve this.

The other day I uninstalled the Spotify app, reinstalled it and restarted my iPhone X...all of a sudden I was able to cast Spotify to my Vizio! only happened once...I haven't been able to cast since then. I don't see my tv listed as a device and I'm not going to reinistall Spotify and restart my phone each time I want to cast music. C'mon Spotify! Fix this issue already, please! You provide app updates every week and say, "We're always making changes and improvements to Spotify...", which is obviously not true. I pay for a Premium for Family plan, I hope there's a fix now.

I am having the same exact issue. I have a brand new Vizio Smart TV & I’m using my SmartCast app, it launches the app but my TV is no where to be found on the devices list. I cannot play from Spotify but every other app works. I hope this gets fixed ASAP I’m tired of going to Pandora and listening to commercials 

I have had the same problem for months!!!! Fix this @spotify

I jave been able to use this feature since i got an iphone (aug 2017), this feature was working two weeks ago that i remember. I just came back from a trip and i cant get the tv to show up on spotify.


it works if i cast from other apps like youtube, netflix, crunchyroll. Only the Spotify app is not showing the tv. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting both the phone and tv to the wifi, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, factory reset the tv and nothing works.


the only thing i can imagine is that the last sportify update broke this functionality (which worked flawlessly before, as it would even turn the tv on if it was off). 


Hope support sees this thread and identifies the issue. 

Same here. I bought the VIZIO TV in November of 2017. Worked fine until a few weeks ago. VIZIO says the problem is through Spotify after they had me power cycle and reset my TV to factory settings.



what’s the latest information on Spotify Connect on VIZIO’s built-in Chromcast, which I believe is called SmartCast.


Asking for some friends and me. Thanks.

Yep. Can confirm, still no fix


thats why I cancelled premium, Spotify,

just fyi. 

I had this issue this morning but my boyfriend fixed it by just messing with the wifi networks over and over again and suddenly it started working. He also made the Spotify app forget all devices, then reconnected to the smartcast. I have an iPhone 7. Hope this helps you guys. 

I am convinced Spotify doesn't care.  They must be developing a competitive ecosystem to google audio.  Why else would they be so mute on such a big issue?

I am having the same issue for 2 months. This is awful. Anyone have a fix??

I have tried deleting the app and re-installing it it. Vizio does not have a spotify app that launches like netflix. If you use the Vizio App on the phone and click on Spotify, it opens the spotify app, however the option for the TV is no longer there. 


I've tried contacting twitter support, i provided: 

  • TV Model # and OS Version
  • iPhone Model and iOS #
  • Sporitify Version

After providing thing information I was left with "please try following these steps" the same I listed on this thread earlier. I am a bit bummed out with support. I urge all of you to send a tweet to Spotify cares and mention this thread. It's weird they answer via twitter but not on their own domain. 

Just wanted to let everyone know I've been troubleshooting this exact issue all morning. Finally reached out to @SpotifyCares on Twitter and they had me log into a test account (username 'css_test_3' and password 'StUkugecRa3u' -- not sure whether I should post this info, but they sent it publicly as opposed to a DM so I'm not that worried about it lol). It worked from the test account, and then when I logged back into my own account it was also working again. Not an ideal fix, but better than nothing! I also DM'd them my account info so they're looking from the back side as well. I'll update if they manage to come up with a permnanent fix as well. Good luck guys! 🙂

I tried logging in with the info you posted and i couldnt get it to work either. Such a weird 🕷 bug. Did anyone have different behaviour?

I’ve also noticed mine will work if I first cast from the web player in Google Chrome on my laptop (, then open the Spotify app on my phone. Maybe try that? Otherwise I’m out of suggestions 😕 Good luck!

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