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Spotify app meddles with other app sounds

Spotify app meddles with other app sounds

I believe the issue is due to the fact that we can use the iOS app to control what is playing on the desktop app: the volume control of the iPhone now is set to change the volume of what is playing on Spotify. But then, if as I switch to another app on the iPhone, the volume is set to MAXIMUM (because I keep the volume on Spotify at 100% by default), which can provoke extremely unpleasant experiences.


I think using the Spotify iOS app as a remote to control Spotify on the desktop is a nice feature but it's definitely an issue that it meddles with the overall iPhone's volume level. These should be two distinct things: the volume of Spotify's music and the volume level of the iPhone overall.


This happens to me all the time because I tend to use my laptop to listen to music while working. As I check on my phone from time to time, sometimes to play games, the music continues to play in the background on my computer. The volume on my iPhone is, most of the time, very close to minimum. Except when this issue occurs.


I'm currently using iOS 15.1.1 and this issue has been going on for a while. Current Spotify iOS version: 8.6.80.


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Hi there @Konigi,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


Could you try running a clean reinstall of the app by following these steps to see if that makes any difference?


If it persists, can you let us know if this also happens when your laptop and phone aren't connected to the same network?


Keep us posted.

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Thanks Carlos for the suggestion. I made a clean install of both the iOS and the macOS apps. But it seems the issue I'm flagging is still there: as I switch to another app, the sound is set to maximum.

Hey @Konigi,


Thanks for the reply.


This issue is currently being looked into by the right teams at Spotify.


You can add your device and troubleshooting info in this thread. It would be helpful for investigating this issue.


You can try to toggle Background App Refresh on/ off and see if that makes a difference, as some users report that this solves the issue for them.


Hope this info helps 🙂

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Hi @Alex,


My issue is pretty similar to what is described in the thread you linked. I'll post my info to help you investigate it. Good luck!

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