Spotify app on AppleTV 4K sounds horrid.


Spotify app on AppleTV 4K sounds horrid.


My wife got me an AppleTV 4K for my birthday Friday.  Even though AppleTV 4K is [supposedly] using Spotify Connect, it sounds like a 128k file compared to the native Spotify app on my DENON x7200.  It sounds lifeless.  Also, the soundstage is narrow and stops at my speakers (Paradigm Monitor p90 v1). The DENON app using true Spotify Connect has a very wide soundstage, about as wide to my mid surrounds.  Often it sounds like sound is coming from those surround sound speakers. The reference song I use is Chocolate Chip Trip.

Plan: Premium

Country: US


Device: AppleTV 4K (5th gen)

Operating System: tvOS 13.2


My Question or Issue:  When will this issue be corrected and how often do you update Spotify apps on AppleTV 4K and other streaming devices?