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Spotify changing songs by itself

Spotify changing songs by itself

Having a really annoying issue where songs I am actively listening to randomly change to other songs. These songs aren’t even songs in que or saved in my library, they are random songs in random playlists I never listen to. I’ve already deleted and reinstalled the app, and turned my phone on and off. So annoying! Anyone have a solution to this?? 









iPhone XR 

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Hey @Ljph1234.


Thanks for reaching out. We're happy to help!


It sounds like your account might be used somewhere else. Don’t worry! You can log out of all web browsers, computers, tablets, and mobile devices at the click of a button:

  1. Log in to your account page

Let us know if that helps! If anything else comes up, we're here to help.


Have a great day.

I am not signed in anywhere else and I am having the issue too. 

Hey @erismire.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


We suggest you take a look at this support article here and follow all the steps.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be right here in case you need any further help with this.

It worked for me once but after a couple days, i had the same problem. I noticed a "Chrome Web Player" when the "skip itself" happens. I never used Chrome web player. How is it possible that it is connected to my spotify?? 

Did i get hacked? 

This is now happening to me and it's happening even on the web page.  I logged out of all devices and logged into the web version of spotify.  Then played one of my playlist and after not even a minute it starts playing a song by Niccox called Launch.  And even if I pause it it autostarts playing again.  So now this is not about uninstalling the apps on the phone and I have indeed reset my password and email and when I log in it still plays.  I don't pay for a premium subscription for this.  Fix it Jesus

Hey @mo4ya2000,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this.


Since you've tried all the steps in the support article, we suggest that you reach out to our Customer Support team here so that they can secure your account on their end.


Let us know how you get on! We'll be here in case you need any further help with anything.

I have exactly the same issue, even the songs you mentioned are the same. I've reset my password, disconnected devices as you did but nothing helped.

If they don't fix it it'll be the last month I'm using premium, for me, switching songs is even more frustrating than ads... 

Had the same issue which for now has been resolved by Spotify!

However, I had also the music from Niccox playing all the time. It’s odd since I have never heard of the music and don’t listen to this kind of music. Whom ever did this also starting following that artist. All a bit random to be honest.....

Hi! my wife have the same problem, she tried changing the password and a lot of things and it doesnt work, the forums says thats maybe someone took her account

I fixed logging to her account and Log Out to every device, and i remove the online devices and i remove also some suspicious "apps with acces to your Spotify information" i saw one that says that was a cookie whoa alow to get information and manage it.


i hope it helps because i can read a lot of people with this problem.


Hey there @hattoka,


Thanks for sharing what happened in your situation! 


It's good that you removed the access of third-party apps to Spotify as well.


You can check these tips for more info on how to make sure you've taken all the measures from your side so that the account is secure again. The password of the email that's connected to the Spotify account can also be changed for extra security. 


Here's also an article of how to keep your account safe to prevent this happening.


We hope you find this useful. We're here for you if you have anything to share or additional questions 🙂 


Have a good day!

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there is no solution just cancel your premium and use something else other people are logged into your account and using premium off you. spotify is already aware of this but won't do anything about it. 

Hey @1nzo6rkycmtehi7,


Thanks for posting here!


We can confirm that our platform and user records are without doubt secure. When an unknown person gains access to a user's account, it usually happens because of a breach on another service. If you use the same password for several services, they all have the potential to be compromised if one has a security breach.


We hope this sheds light on the subject. 

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I had the same issue, with songs randomly changing and not pausing.

I resolved it (at least for now) by logging in online into my Spotify acct, and on Account Overview page scroll down and click on 'Sign Out Everywhere'.  When I  signed back in on my Spotify apps, the issue was gone.

Anyone figure out the solution? For some reason it’s only happening when I use Bluetooth in my car, but hasn’t happened when I use it like at the gym. It’s so annoying! And I’m tempted to cancel my premium because of it.


I tried signing off all devices and canceling any third party sites that have access to my Spotify. 

I have started having the same problem here.

My songs stop and others songs that I never listen start playing.


I tried to:

log out everywhere

play from a different device and different network

disconnect all third party apps 

Change pass


No solution for the moment 

mine has said the same thing “chrome web player” which makes no sense

I have the same issue, logged out everywhere, reloaded app all the things.

Seems to have started after the last update

I have noticed that the songs that it skips to are ones in the recommended section under the good morning/afternoon welcome.

Extremely frustrating and has made spotify unusable for me

it's going heywire for me i started with just a simple glitch? then progressively got worse, there were different songs i had never seen or herd of before and then it started giving me emails and sh!@, i was so freaked out i didn't know what to do so i deleted the app!


 i was told by a really smart tech savvy guy at best buy, that i got hacked but there were no traces of how or were the hacker got my information!



Hey everyone,


Thanks for reaching out to us.


If you've already tried these steps, but still experience this issue, we'd suggest you check this article. There are also steps on how to remove access to third-party apps. 


If the issue still persists, we'd suggest you head here and contact our support team. The folks there can investigate this further.


Hope this helps. If you have questions, we are here for you.



Ver Moderator
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