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Spotify crashes on LTE / car bluetooth

Spotify crashes on LTE / car bluetooth

Hi there,


Brief description of the issue: Spotify crashes on LTE / connected with car bluetooth
Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • connecting my iPhone to my Ford Fiesta-Bluetooth
  • starting Spotify
  • loading screen won't disappear and the iPhone isn't responding anymore

The only way out of this lock is to reboot my phone hard via Home- and Powerbutton.


What steps you’ve tried already: reinstalling Spotify, reconnecting to Car bluetooth
Your device and operating system (e.g. iPhone 5, iOS 8): iPhone 6 64GB, iOS 9.2.1
Type of Spotify account you have (Free or Premium): Premium
The app version of Spotify you’re using:

This behavior started out of sudden and I'm not really able to reproduce it. It occurs occasionally, but so often that it's really annoying. I just want to get in my car and hear music, haha.


Any ideas?

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I would first call ford and see if they have any updates to the firm ware of your vehicle this maybe a common problem and there is all ready a patch for it other wise the dealership maybe able to pull data from the Pcm to see what's going on from my experience you have to stay on them if it's a vehicle issue. On the other hand it maybe something with you iPhone I have an I phone that was having Bluetooth issues got it swapped out under warranty and issue resolved good luck to you if you have any questions feel free to ask

There's no update for my car actually.


The standard-music app on my iPhone is working properly with my iPhone and the car bluetooth... so I think it's definitely a spotify issue and it came with some update, I think.

What year is your fiesta?

Do you use Bluetooth connection anywhere to listen to Spotify and has that frozen it as well?

The only reason I think the problem may be in the car is I have a aftermarket Bluetooth radio and ear buds that are blue tooth and blue tooth speakers also work with Geeksquad as the Autotech and the problems came down to be with vehicle integration

Did a quick search for ford first and blue tooth updates have you done the one that's available for your car

I've been having similar bluetooth issues lately as well, since this latest update to 5.1.0. In my car, spotify will sometimes just stop playing, or just freeze the bluetooth connection entirely. It's also happening on my UE MegaBoom. Not sure what they've changed, but SOMETHING broke.

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