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Spotify crashes when adding/removing/editing tracks from playlist on ipad

Spotify crashes when adding/removing/editing tracks from playlist on ipad

Running newest iOS update & newest version of a Spotify on my ipad 3. When attempting to add new songs to a playlist or edit (adjust song position) Spotify crashes. Have already tried rebooting ipad and have re-installed Spotify twice with no improvement. I am a Premium user as well. Any help?
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I've seen this issue in previous threads where it was solved after a recent update, so it's strange that the issue has resurfaced again. I'd recommend logging in and out a couple of times to see if that fixes it, and if not, then try restarting your iPad by holding down both the power and home buttons for a couple of seconds, which oddly has solved a variety of issues with Spotify on iOS devices in the past.

Just tested this an it appears fine on my iPad 3. Does it happen on all of your playlists?

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You might want to reinstall Spotify on your iPad if the problem persists. @Ehill03

On my iPad, it works okay.
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