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Spotify for iOs 4 no longer in the app store


Spotify for iOs 4 no longer in the app store

I had to format my old ipod touch 2g, where I had spotify installed on it. However, now I understand the new version requires ios5, which the ipod touch 2g can't run. I've visited the site and there's a link to a legacy version for iOs4, however when I'm directed to the app store, it says it can't be completed because the app is not available in the USA store. Is this a glitch? Or has the app been removed for ever?


Please help me, as I use this for swimming, (I'd rather drown an old ipod touch rather than my iphone :P) and the app worked like a charm...





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Sorry for the confusion 🙂 It was supposed to go live just after I wrote last time, but it took some extra time.


We had an issue recently that could've affected some users trying to sync tracks to their device, but should be solved now. It wasn't affected only Spotify for iOS 4, but all our clients 🙂

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The only way to trigger the Last Compatible Version download is to have the app already 'purchased' under your Apple ID. Terrible solution, but that's how it seems to work.


Follow these steps to get older versions of Spotify, or other apps for that matter:


- Go to the App Store from within iTunes on your computer

- Download Spotify to your computer

- It will get linked to your Apple ID account

- Go to the App Store on your iPod/iPad/iPhone

- Go to Purchased Apps under Updates

- Go to the Not on this iPod section, you will see Spotify

- Try downloading Spotify

- You will be prompted to download the last compatible version

- Have fun!


Hopefully this works for people. I was able to get Spotify and other apps working on a 3rd gen iPod Touch. Made my day!

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Yes, I have ipod touch 2g too, and there is no that tab.

But today I have tried again to download this app but using USA itunes account.
I do not know how but this time it worked. I did this:

1. Make USA account (it may work with other countries accounts, but maybe it is important to do it using USA account)
2. Download itunes, install it. Login with usa account
3. download spotify (normal spotify, not ios4 version) on itunes.
4. Connect ipod.
5. Sync Spotify app from itunes with ipod
5. if it does not sync go to appstore on ipod and install spotify using appstore on ipod.

I do not know how, but it installed ordinary spotify for me, maybe it is older version or something, but it is working. version of app:  - black font (maybe lastest version for ios4)  -  gray font (maybe lastest version at all for all ioses)

@FearlessEU: please notify me if it works for you.

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This same thing happened to me.... please give us an answer to this problem!

Ever since getting a notice last week that Spotify needed iOS 5 to work my  2g iPod Touch has been useless. Which suxs cause I'm day of debut Premium member & more so becuase the Spotify iOS 4 app never really worked. It wouldn't load properly, playlists disappeared and songs only played 30 secs before freezing I discover today, in my 35th attempt to delect and reload the iOS 4 app that it is gone & of course there is as usaul no customer service to help. What's the solution Spotify? This is a great service but for a paying customer it is not a good one.  

Yep. Me too. Joined as a premium member TODAY, and it says that it works with 4.0, but it doesn't. Horribly disappointed, as I joined half to play off my ipad in my living room, but also half to run with my itouch.


Not cool; misinformation with the newest update. I'd like to get what I came for.

I also have had this problem when i tried to delte the app and re download so i can sync in higher quality. Now i regret wanting higher quality music because i cannot even get the ios4 app since its not available. Looks like i payed this month for nothing >.>

I am having the same issue. CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS! Give us spotify back!

Please, please, make iOS 4 version available in the US!

Is there any one I can contact about this? Feedback would be appriciated.

seriously spotify litterly just said forgot the ios4 users 

They don't really care about us. ; ;

oh the sad truth 😞 not even my money is worth the same vaule as people with the newer ipods that can have ios5 <.<

also i love how this is a "hot topic" and has been up for a couple of days now but nobody from spotify has commented but for other posts it seems they responded in a matter of 2-3 days 

I've been in contact with moderators. Unfortunately they keep telling me basically it should work when it clearly doesn't. And hate to say it, but the four or five of us are not a hot topic. They have much bigger fish to fry, and yes, by that, I mean other forums to make money. Thats the world we live in! They need to post a profit someday, or they won't exist at all!!

spotify may be good but they have terrible customer service. Im cancelling my premium. 

I will also be canceling if there isn't an iOs 4 app again...

same here, I have a 2nd gen ipod that works fine and I shouldnt have to buy a new ipod for spotify, canceled my premium until this is fixed or addressed in some way


So i got response from Spotify...QUOTE "we do only support the iPod Touch 3rd Generation or later."

I highly doubt they are going to fix the ios4 version or bring it back up so yea we all got screwed. 😞

so if spotify no longer supports ios  why is the app still in the AU market?

and really spotify no longer supporting ios 4? wow.....

oh well back to pandora and rhapsody

Astoundingly, the Spotify download page actually contains a link to download the "legacy" app which, when duly followed, at least from a US location, helpfully tells you this version is not available in the US. From what I see in this thread, you might be able to download it by violating Spotify's terms of service and proxying to an Australian IP, but I don't like violating terms of service unless I really need to. Furthermore, if the vendor doesn't care enough to put up either a working link or a statement about why they took the old app down (might that reveal a flaw endangering those ignorant sods - maybe more than 4 or 5 - who haven't yet experienced this surprise?), then it kind of curbs my enthusiasm.


Speaking of which, MOG still seems to work, and they have the ECM catalog too. I'd been wondering whether I should keep my Spotify subscription, but I guess I don't need to wonder too much anymore.

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