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Spotify for iOs 4 no longer in the app store


Spotify for iOs 4 no longer in the app store

I had to format my old ipod touch 2g, where I had spotify installed on it. However, now I understand the new version requires ios5, which the ipod touch 2g can't run. I've visited the site and there's a link to a legacy version for iOs4, however when I'm directed to the app store, it says it can't be completed because the app is not available in the USA store. Is this a glitch? Or has the app been removed for ever?


Please help me, as I use this for swimming, (I'd rather drown an old ipod touch rather than my iphone :P) and the app worked like a charm...




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@user-removed wrote:

Is there any workaround to get Spotify to work for iOS 4 if the App has never been installed onto the device before.


Unable to use mobile in work for secuirty reasons, looking to use my 2nd gen iPod Touch for Spotify access

adampie86 - I JUST completed the download five minutes ago for my 2nd gen ipod touch.  It STILL works according to the process explained earlier in the thread.  I'm in the same boat as you.  Logged in, it's up and running, can't wait to bring it to work tomorrow!  (Cancel out when it mentions having to update to OS 5 and just log in normal.


Good Luck!

ok so even though it's not as good as actually having spotfiy ....another route is go to the app store and download spotfiy queue you may not be able to download music but as long as u have wifi you can search and play spotfiy music for older versions of ios

It works on ipod tough 4g, under the latest iOS (5.0 something). Thanks!

Doesnt work any longer .. IOS 4 on my 2nd Gen Itouch ..wont install under my US App Store account

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