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Spotify for iOs 4 no longer in the app store


Spotify for iOs 4 no longer in the app store

I had to format my old ipod touch 2g, where I had spotify installed on it. However, now I understand the new version requires ios5, which the ipod touch 2g can't run. I've visited the site and there's a link to a legacy version for iOs4, however when I'm directed to the app store, it says it can't be completed because the app is not available in the USA store. Is this a glitch? Or has the app been removed for ever?


Please help me, as I use this for swimming, (I'd rather drown an old ipod touch rather than my iphone :P) and the app worked like a charm...




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Thank you very very much!

It worked perfectly and I'm now enjoying Spotify in my iPhone 3G with my Bluetooth speaker.


Thanks for the perfect tip. It worked for my old iPad 1.

Works with UK Accounts too!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I use an old iPhone 3G as my primary music player.  The Spotify app was deleted and now I can't get it to reinstall because it says I need to upgrade to iOS 6 - which I obviously can't do because my phone is 3G. 

@lexdivinia If you follow the steps in this post, you should be able to get the older spotify version.

@jwylot Thanks for the response.

Unfortunately, "Purchased Apps not on this iPhone" is not an option in 4.2.1.

I read all 11 pages of this thread and couldn't find anything that worked.


Download spotify on your computer, try and sync it to your iphone from the computer, it won't work, after it fails, unplug your iphone and download spotify from the app store, it will let you download the last compatible version. It worled on my 2g ipod touch on ios 4.2.1. If this doesn't work for you, create a UK apple id and try the steps with that account 🙂

This solution did not work for me.  My iphone just says that "all apps are up to date" and doesn't give me the option to attempt to download anything.  It also doesn't show what apps are on my computer but are not on the iphone.  Any other suggestions?

The US account trick also worked for me.

I did not have to create a new Apple ID.

On the ios 4 device, just go to Settings/App store/Show Apple ID

Select Country/Region



How did you get Spotify to work on your ios4 2nd generation?

Is the spotify for ios4 available in the UK?


iOS 4 is a pretty old iOS. I'm pretty sure they decided it was time to end support for that iOS.

Rockin them drums

Thanks for the reply, I have somehow managed to get spotify working on my ios4 2nd generation now.

Yes, I am in the UK. You can just directly instal it from the App Store and it will ask you whether you want to download the "last compatible version".

you are the man!!!! 😃 spotify in my iPad 1

I just wanna to use the ipad 1 like radio for my house connected to airplay!



tnks a lot

I am unable to download the "last compatible" version from the app store on an iPod Touch 2nd generation. Did Spofity kill off iOS 4 with the latest update?

There is a whole more easy way to download Spotify in your Ipod with Ios 4.2.1


Jus create an apple id with direction in the USA and then just download spotify in your device, the apple store will ask you if wanna downloas a prior version of spotyfy, you just have to click YES and there you are its DONE

Spotify for ios 4 in now spotify for ios 6


Not impressed. My two ipod touches are both limited to 5.1.2


Is there any workaround to get Spotify to work for iOS 4 if the App has never been installed onto the device before.


Unable to use mobile in work for secuirty reasons, looking to use my 2nd gen iPod Touch for Spotify access

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