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Spotify for iOs 4 no longer in the app store


Spotify for iOs 4 no longer in the app store

I had to format my old ipod touch 2g, where I had spotify installed on it. However, now I understand the new version requires ios5, which the ipod touch 2g can't run. I've visited the site and there's a link to a legacy version for iOs4, however when I'm directed to the app store, it says it can't be completed because the app is not available in the USA store. Is this a glitch? Or has the app been removed for ever?


Please help me, as I use this for swimming, (I'd rather drown an old ipod touch rather than my iphone :P) and the app worked like a charm...




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having the same problem. I live in Germany and cant download Spotify for iOS 4. When I go to the Spotify App it says I need iOS 6 or higher. I just cant get it on my iPod Touch right now because its only the 2nd Generation :(.


I hope it will be available again in Germany soon too.

i realy need this app back in store!

I would also like to be able to use Spotify with my Ipod Touch 2nd generation, but it doesn't work...

We are still pushing for the app to be made available however it *should* allow you to download the last compatible version so not sure what is going on!

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well it wont let me download the version for iOS 4. It still says I need iOS 6 or newer.

Now i can download it on my ipod t. 2g. Its working so far. Thank you Spotify!

still not downloadable for me 😞

Yeah, still doesn't work for me either. Thank you for working on the issue though, Peter.

Still not available here in Germany on iPod Touch 2nd Generation...

No solution from France either for 2nd Gen ipod touch

install seems to start but then a pop-up tells ios 6 is required

yea its still the same here.

Also frustrated about this and the lack of solution - thought as a way round I could listen to the spotify web player on my ipad but it just redirects me to download the spotify app. Help! 

I have a few questions about the removal of the Spotify for iOS 4 app:


Was the removal of this app intentional? I thought the explicit iOS 4 version was removed because the normal Spotify app should know which system it is intalling on.


If it was not intentional, is there a time range for when this problem should be fixed? Weeks, months?


If it was intentional, I can understand that. Maybe it makes sense that the iOS 4 version is gone. Most people these days have the latest and greatest technology, so maybe there aren't enough people with the old hardware/software for it to make sense to cater to them. If that's the case, just be honest. Tell us to upgrade, or be left in the dust. But don't tell us you don't why the new version isn't working with our old systems, and pretend you're working on in, when in reality, you have another agenda. If this is the case, just give us the bad news. Don't beat around the bush. Sorry if this isn't the case, because I know I'm speculating.

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The only way to trigger the Last Compatible Version download is to have the app already 'purchased' under your Apple ID. Terrible solution, but that's how it seems to work.


Follow these steps to get older versions of Spotify, or other apps for that matter:


- Go to the App Store from within iTunes on your computer

- Download Spotify to your computer

- It will get linked to your Apple ID account

- Go to the App Store on your iPod/iPad/iPhone

- Go to Purchased Apps under Updates

- Go to the Not on this iPod section, you will see Spotify

- Try downloading Spotify

- You will be prompted to download the last compatible version

- Have fun!


Hopefully this works for people. I was able to get Spotify and other apps working on a 3rd gen iPod Touch. Made my day!

I'm having an iPod 2nd Generation and dont have the Tab "Purchased Apps" under Updates :(.

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Yes, I have ipod touch 2g too, and there is no that tab.

But today I have tried again to download this app but using USA itunes account.
I do not know how but this time it worked. I did this:

1. Make USA account (it may work with other countries accounts, but maybe it is important to do it using USA account)
2. Download itunes, install it. Login with usa account
3. download spotify (normal spotify, not ios4 version) on itunes.
4. Connect ipod.
5. Sync Spotify app from itunes with ipod
5. if it does not sync go to appstore on ipod and install spotify using appstore on ipod.

I do not know how, but it installed ordinary spotify for me, maybe it is older version or something, but it is working. version of app:  - black font (maybe lastest version for ios4)  -  gray font (maybe lastest version at all for all ioses)

@FearlessEU: please notify me if it works for you.

It isnt working too 😕 darn i want to hear my music so bad i guess i have to cancel my abo 😞

Wow, thanks RedTide! That actually worked for my 2nd generation Ipod Touch.

wow i tried it again today and it worked with the US account! I could download it in the App Store from my iPod. Thanks man! 🙂

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