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Spotify has glitches on its newest update...

Spotify has glitches on its newest update...

On the iOS version of Spotify, there are glitches that I can't even get around of. Whenever I shuffle play a playlist the app crashes, not just on one playlist. Sometimes the song that's playing only plays for 4 seconds and then it crashes. Spotify, if you are reading this, please fix the bugs that you just added via your latest update. Thanks!
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Updated Spotify yesterday, and every time I open the app it crashes within seconds. The update has made the app completely useless for me.


iPhone 5

iOS 9.0 (13A4305g)

Spotify 3.6.0


I appreciate that the latest release may not be fully compaitble with iOS 9 yet, but at least the previous version wasn't crashing every time I opened the app. I'm unsure whether or not I can downgrade now, but if I can't then I'll likely have to move over to Apple Music for the time being as the Spotify App won't even stay open now.

Yeah, whenever I try to hit play on the website, it just doesn't respond and I can't play any songs.

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