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Spotify iPad is too outdated: No Discover, Me & Others.


Spotify iPad is too outdated: No Discover, Me & Others.

Spotify's iPad App is too under powered, it doesn't come with Discover, Collections, Browse and many other features which is not available.
Update: 24 Nov 2013: Spotify connect is launched on my ipad and iphone, but didnt see the rest of the other features... 
30 November 2013: Spotify added browse on the iPad. Finally! Hooray. Still waiting for the decade old Discover! 😞
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Not having the Your Music functionality on the iPad renders the app useless if you embraced Your Music when it was rolled out months ago.  Forcing users who use iPad as well as any other device to basically manage their music in 2 different ways is extremely frustrating.  I will also add that the SONOS app hasn't added access to Your Music either, which sucks.

Just cancel your subscribtion, its the best thing you can do! Maybe Spotify recognise then that they cant handle us as 2nd class users..

My Music is in development for the iPad:

On a sidenote, Spotify equaliser is available from the latest update, available for everyone now from the Apple App Store. Options are inside Settings -> Playback -> Equalizer
Meet Jeremy! | Day Entrepreneur, Night, Music Fanatic
I'm here to shuffle!

  • Write what matters in your heart to others, you never know whether you have another chance again.

And support said some time ago that they currently don't plan to release an iPad update with your music feature...

EDIT: Sorry you are right, its available for ipad Users too!

I'm done with this garbage. Not only are they not adding basic functions, every update makes it more of a hassle to navigate the already slow interface. Having an interface that manages to be both barebones and clunky at the same time is seriosuly impressive. Im not renewing my subscription when it runs out unless serious improvements are made.

You are absolutely right, man!


Seriously mate, what evidence, other than "it must happen eventually" do you have to back up your statement that it is "in development"? This thread, which already said the iPad app was outdated, was started 9 months ago (yes, I know, by you 🙂 ). So far no Spotify staff have bothered to comment and the only other info we have had are, from MattSuda in April "The developers are working on an updated iPad update with a new design similar to the iPhone app and it will include Discover and Your Music. Shouldn't be too long of a wait. Maybe 1-3 months wait at the most. (just my best guess)" - I never knew what Matt meant by "at most, possibly" (paraphrasing), but anyway it's 3 months tomorrow - and, from Spotify Support just 3 weeks ago, relayed by spom409, "As much as I'd love to be able to tell you that we're going to release an update soon, there's currently no plans to do so. Sorry about that!"!

Frankly, without a proper commitments from Spotify, any "back channel" promises of "development" are just empty platitudes on their part, at this point!

I thought about this as well but... where to go? Is there a service equal to Spotify? With an impressing iPad interface?

I used Beats Music for a couple of months when they first launched to see the differences, and initially preferred it to Spotify solely because of the ability to save music to your library.  The problem with Beats at least at the time I cancelled my subscription there was that the desktop experience is horrible.  I listen to music on my mac at work all day long and found myself playing music from anywhere but Beats because the interface was lousy and at times you plain lost connection.  Once Spotify added My Music, my choice to switch back was simple.  Of course at the time, I didn't realize that the iPad app was going to be the black sheep of the Spotify family.

@Sam, as some have said already, at this point I don't even care about an impressive iPad interface. Just the ability to put the iPhone app on my iPad and so access 90% of my music without searching every time would be a start!

,,, 😉 OK, wrong wording, same idea: There is no need for an "impressive" update, the same level as at the iPhone (or: the iPhone app at the iPad) would be far enough. And thanks @tenblack! For me (Spotify premium user) is the most important (besides the usability) the range of music (the number of artists) I can find at a platform. I once tested rdio and it was OK but I couldn't see a big advantage compared to Spotify. I did the test half a year ago - maybe the situation has changed in the meantime...

Greetings from Switzerland, Marc.

At this point the iPad Apps lack of importance is startling. Yesterday's iOS update brought Your Music to the Ford Sync?? Seriously? That took precedence over a full featured iPad app?

Really discouraging. The updated Rdio App that was released last week is very nice by the way.

Please cancel my account as I have never been able to use it.

I have found a solution: leave spotify and go for Deezer. Very comparable and a nice ipad app now, not in a always nearing future.

Deezer is a good service but ipad app is outdated (last update 21 october 2013)

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Hey guys!


iOS version 1.9 has just been released!


This update brings the new design and "Your Music" to the iPad.


Enjoy! Thanks for your patience. 

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Yee-ha - I'm the witness of a miracle, not later than one year after my first post here... 😉

About time for a complete change on the iPhone 😉 😄

(Seriously, thanks Spotify :). But, please don't do this to us again.)



I guess better very late than never!



Like I said, but someone really was not happy about information that this is coming...


But now here comes the Black big iPad update. Jump in! Hope you like black :)))


We saw this app at Spotify house in Stockholm at end last summer, but we had really no option to talk about this. As this was only for private information to superusers!

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