Spotify is sloooow

Spotify is sloooow



For sometimes now Spotify is soooo slow at sometimes of the day (for exemple now at 11pm in Belgium) and have a Premium abo.


Slow to play music (start the music some seconds then stop then continue, ...   )

slow in the search when choising a playlist (it takes sometimes 3 minutes to see what is in a playlist)

slow to sync with a change in Spotify running on PC


I have that problem only on mobile (new Ipad and Smartphone Android) on pc it seems it is running faster.


And i'm sure it is not my internet connection (30mb/s) and everything is ok on Deezer.


Do anybody also have so much lags? (I think it is since the new version - perhaps due to the radio?)....


For the moment I'm just asking me if I will not leave Spotify for a while... 

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