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Spotify issues with continuous play & error 127

Spotify issues with continuous play & error 127

Hello All,


So my problems with spotify seem to be never ending..


Not only do i have my biggest unresolved issue regarding the problem associated with "this song is not available. if you have the file on your computer you can import it" when it comes to uploading or playing my own songs into the spotify app AND desktop... but now I have something with "continuous play" on playlists that i subscribe/follow on spotify. I have even tried adjusting the "crossfade" options and the gapless playback is also on BUT my songs dont play and jump to the next song in the playlist once they end. And yes, I have tried shuffle, continues playback is definitely on... and i know for sure if i adjust this in my app and mark the option "reply 1" then it does reply my song.. so moving on to the next song in the playlist shouldnt be an issue no?? (and this does not happen in a dimmed screenlock mode, but in ALL modes, even if the spotify is active and on my screen) So is this the Error 127 or what is happening???


PLEASE HELP! I have a premium account and its just so demotivating with all the issues that seem to come up.. 


Thanks in advance and hopefully I will find a resolution soon..

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