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Spotify app using too much memory on my iPhone 5s

Spotify app using too much memory on my iPhone 5s

I have a about 60 local files on my phone that are all 3 minute songs. That's it. For some reason, Spotify was taking up 1.5 GBs on my phone. I just deleted the app and reinstalled it with the same number of songs and now it is only taking up 550 MB. This is some sort of issue that needs to be fixed

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The reason for the large amount of space that was used is due to spotify caching songs that you play often, this is so that you do not need to download every time you listen to a song in  a effort to reduce data usage 🙂

The problem is that there is no clear cache button like on the android app. And the cache just keeps getting bigger and bigger until you need to reinstall spotify. This issue has been going for years. Clear Cache Button please Spotify.

They dont fix the cache problem. What happens if you listen to 1 songs 10 times, it gets downloaded to cache 10 times not using cache and thus useless. The programmers of the ios app are horrible.

ok but Im still streaming the songs using data so how does downloading the songs help me?

Thats what I meant. While Streaming it also gets downloaded fully(to cache) to play. Not really a 'stream', but it looks like it. But the main problem is when you finished streaming spotify app doesnt delete the downloaded files(cache) for streaming. And so your memory usage grows and grows while 'streaming' till you reinstall the app(deletes the cache). But its irritating reinstalling every time.

Especially annoying if you have a lot of songs synced to play offline.
Then all of that song data has to be downloaded again to listen to those songs offline again.
Clear Cache Button please Spotify.

Until Spotify provides a clear cache option, I will not sign up or even use it. Its been two years now. How hard can it be to program this?



I would add next two years to the issue :-(.

As now it is 2017-11-05 and huge caches are still Spotify's problem.


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I'm having the same problem on my iPad. I've noticed that with almost every update my storage space fluctuates. I had maintained 70 playlists taking up 850 MB of storage for at least 6 months. One update my storage said 75MB. Another, 1.5 GB. I've created 10 playlist and my storage is 3GB.

I have created 3 playlists in the last month and storage went up to 5GB. I tried deleting a few hundred songs and no change. Last night I added on one song and storage incteased another 100MB. It has been suggested that I delete the app and reinstall it. Will I keep my playlists?


After removal of the App playlists are NOT deleted, as they are remaining
at Spotify server side.

But the problem is with setting up complete Spotify App again and again.

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Thanks for the information.



After deleting and reinstalling Spotify' my storage went from 5.3GB to 85MB. Thanks again for your help and quick response.



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