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Spotify keeps unblocking artists

Spotify keeps unblocking artists






(iPhone 10xr)

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(iOS 14.5)

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Ever since I updated Spotify years ago from just being able to click on the song you’re listening to and press do not play this artist to now blocking any artist I don’t want to listen to the blocking doesn’t work. When it was just don’t play this artist I never had to worry about it still playing them but I literally block the same artists everyday. I have to block them repeatedly all day because if I leave th app for too long or I kill the app it unblocks them. I seem to be the only person in the world with this problem because I can’t find anybody else talking about it and it’s the most frustrating thing. My daily mix keeps playing songs I don’t want to hear but it just puts it in another mix which makes no sense but I guess it’s a Spotify thing along with it playing the same songs in different playlist which makes no sense. Also when I click on don’t play this song it still appears in my playlist just blacked out. It wasn’t like that before, if I pressed don’t play this song it disappeared but now songs I don’t want to hear are just taking up room in my daily mix instead of adding new songs.

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In case your cousin is the plan manager of the subscription, she can remove your old account from the Premium for Family. Then she can invite you again and you can open the link so you can become a member of the Premium for Family while using your new account.


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