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Spotify lyrics not popping up

Spotify lyrics not popping up




United States


iPhone 8 se (2nd generation)

Operating System

iOS 15.4.1

My Question or Issue

Spotify lyrics still not showing. The lyrics show on my laptop but not my phone, what should i do?

2 Replies

Hi @iphoneuserr,


Sorry you're having issues with the lyrics on your mobile device. This is a known issue, and here is a post that has more information. There are a few things you can try while I notify one of our moderators of your issue.


First, try a clean reinstall by following the steps: Here 

If that doesn't work, here is a strange workaround that worked for another user: 



My Spotify had the same problem (iPhone 7). I've tried many reinstalling and etc but still doesn't work. My brother's iPhone (iPhone 10) have the lyrics, so i try login in his iPhone and the lyric doesn't appear. I ask him to login using his account in my phone and the lyric appeared. Then i tried login again using my account and suddenly the lyrics appears.


So, if you have access, try using someone's account that his/her phone has the lyrics, then try login using your account again."


Let me know if either of those workarounds solve your issue, and in the meantime, I'll get you connected with someone who can help you out more directly.



Hello again @iphoneuserr,


I was able to talk to one of our moderators about this issue; if the suggestions I provided do not work for you, please reach out to our Support Team to get this issue resolved. You are more than welcome to reach back out to me if problems persist. Best,

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