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Spotify needs an iOS 7 facelift!


Spotify needs an iOS 7 facelift!

Spotify couldn't look more out of place in Apple's new iOS7 interface.


Take a look, as compared with Rdio's updated app on the left (thanks to @Batman for the suggestion; see his post below):


image.jpg 9273e2ef-b56a-4260-aefc-2b04f6e88929.jpeg


Rdio's stunning blurred background, icons,  menus, and typography fit seamlessly with Apple's new flat, "glass-like" style.


Pandora and iHeartRadio have also made minor tweaks to their apps to fit in. Spotify's hideous experience, however, will probably make me choose one of these other services until my music looks beautiful again.


If you don't have iOS 7 yet, the difference my not seem as stark to you, and you might think I'm nit-picking, but it makes Spotify a really poor experience on an new iPhones.


Does this bother you too? Please throw some Kudos my way so we can get this fixed ASAP!

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That "Kiss Land" concept is abosoultely beautiful. Even though it was made to match The Weeknd's album cover, the overall green and black color structrue would match with Spotify perfectly. I would love something of that look and feel to be implimented into the official app.


The player controls are gorgeous

If I could chime in for a second.


Please follow the iOS 7 guidelines and bring it closer in look and feel to Rdio. Also please allow me to alphabetize my playlists by track or artist name.


And PLEASE for god sakes don't have the app look like it has layers. Example the bottom where you can go back and forward is "floating" on top of the list. It sucks and its a bad user experience.


Also if possible also consider bringing the Mac desktop version in line as well.



There is also a very good example in Aviary App (photo editor)

the bg change depending on the picture you are watching

Hej guys,


a friend of mine also created a concept of Spotify for iOS 7.

I like it really much and in my mind, it fits perfectly. He worked so hard to make it great and we both hope that you like it!


You can test it via your computer browser or your iPhone (unfortunately just iPhone 5, 5s and 5c) right here:


Please tell us what you think about it, he would really appreciate it!


Thank you! 🙂

very nice job

Re design




Spotify desperately needs to update their applications. I keep hoping that the new update will come out but ive heard and seen nothing official about the progress on the new update, and it is repelling me from using this app. I love spotify, but the app icon and the UI need to be changed soon because i am getting pretty tired of waiting.


Bengan, please tell me this wasn't the iOS 7 update you guys had been working on (0.8.0)?


This has to be something to appease in the mean time, not a final product, surely?

THIS was your "major ios7 update"?? Please say it isnt so..


Why does spotify, who claims to "love music", treat true music lovers who build collections of albums like teenagers who just want to "discover" the latest Justin Bieber track?


I used to have a pretty big CD-collection. Sorted in my shelf according to Artist. Then i went to MP3 with an extensive library of folders, divided into category, Artist and Albums with the exact same structure on my ipod.


Now I use Spotify and im stuck with these playlists that i cant even sort alphabetically. I have to make a new "playlist" for every album. 


Look Spotify, playlists such as "party songs" or "chill out tunes" are nice to have but we want the option to build a library of our music. We then pay you to access this library. This should be separated from playlists. 


I want a list of my artists, subfolders with each album and be able to sort them however I want. Simple, really.


Please sort this out or me and many others will be forced to look at other providors - you are not alone anymore.

Seriously, this is the long awaited iOS 7 update? 

Looks to me as if pretty much nothing has changed, except that the back button is now written text (as in iOS 7 style) and the toolbar is a little bit modified. But badly, as this is the first thing I saw:

new toolbar


What about the new gestures? What about using the real multitasking feature in iOS 7 for true background syncing of offline playlists? Common guys, please don't tell me this is all we get!


Marked as solution

Oh, Spotify is still a thing? Hahaha I kept Spotify on my iPhone for the new update JUST TO SEE if it made it look better.

Truth is I jumped ship and hit Rdio like 3 weeks ago. And have not had any regrets at all. Like a whole 2 albums are absent and I'm sure they'll get there.

Rdio not only looks better, and has, but also organizes and plays better. At first I thought Spotify was the end all be all of music streaming players and refused to switch because of how much time and stuff I invested but when I hit that magical "3,333" song save cap, I died laughing and searched around. Rdio now has my heart.

It astonishes me how long Spotify has been around and how far behind they are in the market feature-wise.

I will always love the and miss the pretty green, but I downloaded the newest update and... Well, it's laughable. It furthered my lack of regret switching to Rdio. Rdio is perfect, looks better, easier to organize, and works seamlessly with the PC counterpart and, oh wait for it... I CAN SAVE ANY AMOUNT OF MUSIC MY 64GB HEART CAN HOLD. That's what I burials turned me off, and now the look hasn't gotten better... Meh. Have fun. Deleted the app, not looking back.

It was a good run. ❤️

The new iOS 7 update sure looks like a "major overthrow," Spotify. Oh, wait, no, it's the same with some minor changes to make it look iOS 7-ish.

Things to fix:
- Annoying volume control popup; put it where it used to be.
- Show/Hide "Now Playing" gesture (I hate having to click on it)
- Fix the downloading playlist animation. Somebody screwed up and it hasn't been changed for iOS 7. This is a BUG, not a feature request / design nit-pick.

Spotify - GET ON TOP OF THIS! iHeartRadio, Pandora, and pretty much everyone else has already updated their apps for iOS 7, 100% glitch-free.

There also seem to be more bugs with this release. The lock screen frequently shows a song playing with the album art view when nothing is playing in Spotify. It requres a force close to make the lock screen reset.

Swipe up/down on now playing was extremely useful. Bring it back!

Animations are now sluggish and slow! Argh

Green text is tacky
Volume slider is three taps away.
Buttons positions are misaligned due to new Connect button.

Seek slider circle is too darn big

Please don't break what is not. Fix only what is.

I'm out.

I agree, the seek sliders size doesnt make sense. Have many people requested a bigger slider? Why??  If anything, that should be the volume slider.

Have a look at my own redesign of Spotify for iOS 7. I would appreciate to hear some respone from you guys! 🙂

When are you finally adding a "my collection" feature such as Rdio has? 


I so desperately want to re-create my vast personal mp3 collection (and before that my CD collection) and sync it over so my iphone feels like an ipod.. 


I have a couple of playlists like "sleep music" etc but creating a playlist for individual albums just feel plain wrong.


Might switch to Rdio because of this..

It is currently in beta testing @sweden76 😉 (Old topic announcing the testing is here)

Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

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I'd love to see the design and layout of the Android app's now playing screen adopted in the iOS app. 


The Android app's now playing screen is so much better organized than the iOS app's. There's much less dead space with no black bars above and below the album art. Options like shuffle, repeat, starring a track, and more weren't buried in an overlay that requires an extra tap and covers the album art. It also shows the current list that's playing, whether it's an artist or a playlist at the top. 


A layout like this (obviously adapted to fit iOS 7's style) would be much better than what we have now.


I'd also like to see the constantly teased play queue feature added to the app; it seems like it's been added to Android already?



Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 3.12.00 PM.png

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