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Spotify new features .. Whats good and whats not ?

Spotify new features .. Whats good and whats not ?

Can we please share our thoughts here on new features of spotify on IOS ??


Good things first 

1. Cool New design

2. Free Users can now select DO NOT PLAY THIS SONG AGAIN from any playlist and it wont ever come up again !!!!

3. Ability to preview 10 seconds of a track within any playlist !!!! wow !!!! thats cool

4. No 6 skips on free acounts anymore since now you can select DO NOT PLAY THIS SONG and it skips to the next track !!!!

5. You can now preview 10 seconds of any song within any playlist , add them to any playlist and delete them from the playlist as well !! within the same window menu  ...


Bad Things


1. Still no way to add a whole playlist to a new playlist on Mobile although it can be done on Desktop Computer

2. When you switch to premium from free you dont have acess to DO NOT PLAY THIS SONG list anymore

3. Still No sleep Timer and Wake up Times within the APP

4. Clear Cache is available now but sometimes it takes up too much space on Iphone






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Hey @, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


Thank you taking the time to write this! Absolutely, everyone can share their thoughts about it in this thread you started!


About the cache it can be cleaned and to take less space just set the Music Quality to low.

Thanks! 🙂

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