Spotify not working at all on iPhone4

Spotify not working at all on iPhone4

My spotify is working fine on my laptop and ipad, but I can't seem to get any connection on my iphone which is what I primarily use to stream while I drive! My internet connection is fine, my artists dont load, i get erros when I search for artists, and nothing can play back. The only progress I made is that occasionally under my artists a couple will show of artists that I saved in playlists. Like I have a Christmas playlist and right now just those 5 artists are showing.



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I should mention that I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app many times, reset my phone, and logged off an on. Nothing is working still.

bump! I'm having the exact same problems and have tried everything 😞 it's definitely not my internet connection, oh I have 4S if that means anything...

Hi @Both welcome to the community,

Which iOS version + Spotify version do you both have? 

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I just downloaded it a few weeks ago so I'm assuming the most up to date version. 2 days ago it just started working again and I have had no issues. I hope it doesn't come back again, but I should be upgrading to iphone6 soon anyway.

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