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Spotify not working well at all... tried everything

Spotify not working well at all... tried everything



I have had these issues for about a month. I think the problem may be with my account because I'm having problems with using it on both my Galaxy 6 and Iphone 6 and both devices are on different networks.


Problems include:

  • When i search for song/artists/whatever, the search wheel comes up and it never loads the songs (e.g. won't play);
  • Try to play an album and it plays one song and can't load the next;
  • drops out and closes the app while a song is playing;
  • black home screen from time to time and nothing happens; and
  • spotify freezes and I can't stop songs playing.

It's basically completely unworkable.


I have tried:

  • Trobleshooting tip of deinstalling the app, deleting files, deleting offline devisces, re-load, restart, . This helps for about 2 mins and problems are back; and 
  • I have made sure power saving mode is switched off.

It's a premium account. 


HELP! I'm losing it! 



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Hello, and thanks for reaching out here on the community!


Sorry to hear this, but we are happy to help out.


We'd like to investigate this a little further for you. To help us do so, it'd be great of you could provide us a little more info:


  • The OS versions of your S6 and iPhone
  • What version of Spotify are you using?
  • Does it happen over 3G/4G, WiFi?

Keep us posted 🙂

Hi Mary,


The problems are the same when there is wifi or no wifi.


My S6 in on 4G (Optus). OS 6.0.1.


My Iphone is 4G (Telstra). OS Version 9.3.1.


I have Spotify version armV7


Thanks for your help! 

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