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Spotify on iOS cannot match my songs

Spotify on iOS cannot match my songs

Hi guys.

Wondering if someone out there could help me with this?


I have about 8,000 of my own songs, very very well lablled and they are all on different playlists in iTunes.

I have subscribed to Spotify Premium.


However, there are a few problems that I face:


Problem 1:

When Spotify atuo imports my playlists from iTunes from my desktop, only about 100 out of the 8,000 songs are "matched" and playable when I go into Spotify from my iPad.

The other songs are literally shown on my iPad as grey - unplayable.


I managed to go around the problem by manually creating another new set of playlists on Spotify... then literally dragged the same songs from the "iTunes imported playlist" over to my "newly created playlist" in Spotify... and suddenly 4,000 of my 8,000 songs are playable instead of the 100.


Does anyone know why this is??



Problem 2:

When I go into Spotify on my Android phone though... almost 7,500 out of my 8,000 songs are playable.

I double checked my iPad version... the same songs that are available on my android are not playable on my iPad.


How weird is that??


Can anyone help me with this cos it's really really frustrating the hell out of me!


Thank you all in advance.

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