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Spotify pasues during play in Car via iPhone 11

Spotify pasues during play in Car via iPhone 11


Premium family




iPhone 11 (2 days old)

Operating System

IOS 13.3


My Question or Issue

When i am using spotify on my iphone 11 to listen music in my car (peugeot 3008 2016 i don't know if this is related...) song pauses like in every 10-20 seconds but like after maybe 20 minutes like this i listened a random music for like 90 seconds without interrupt then i was really late for work, couldn't test more. But during phone calls or itune streams i don't have any issues. I called iphone support (why i can't use brand name here ?!) so they could not help since this is obviously a 3rd party problem. Interestingly my wife is not experiencing this issue with her iphone 6. So definetely there is something between iphone 11 (ios 13.* ?) and premium spotify.

i would like to add a video of the problem but interestingly the form did not accept mp4 file although it says it is a valid file type, so instead of adding the video i am adding screenshot of this funny bug.

I am really disapointed about this issue. I really liked spotify but obviously i am facing a poor software structre at the moment. I want to wait like 1 week till i can find a solution (or you can provide one). otherwise i have to cancel my subscription and ask for a charge back.

Good day all

2 Replies

Checked similiar posts so i wanna answer some of the possible questions before someone asks



1.Do you have your phone locked when it happens?
-Both, it does not make any difference

2.Is it in your pocket?

3.Is it unlocked and you are using another app?
4.Is it just unlocked and you are using the Spotify app?
-it does not make any difference, i tried all 4 scenarios too. it does not matter what i do with the phone during these pauses.

it does not the same all the time but songs pauses like 5-6 seconds then keeps playing like 10 sec and then the same for awhile. but this pattern changes.


song keeps playing on the phone but the timer on the car pauses with the music, then timer jumps a head to catch the time on the phone i guess.

These pauses stops after like 10-15 minutes. I can't tell the exact time since it drives me crazy to listen songs like that anymore.

android phones and another iphone 6 works fine. also other apps with bluetooth also works fine.

i feel like this is a buffer issue, so i dopped the quality but nothing changed.

I really wanna keep using spotify, i can't change my car or phone to listen music, obviously. So need some asistance or explanations here.

I still need a solution for this problem.

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