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Still can’t loop anything on Spotify.

Still can’t loop anything on Spotify.

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iPhone 13

Operating System

ios 15.5

Spotify is always updated to recent update.


My Question or Issue

I still can’t loop songs / playlists on my phone. I’ve tried literally e v e r y t h i n g 

I’ve looked for the three dots that every user says to look for but there’s nothing, there’s not one place where the repeat button is. 
I can’t loop playlists or singular songs.  I’ve restored to re-adding all the songs in my playlists over and over cause it just won’t loop.

I can’t do even loop one song if I wanted too

- I’ve looked for the three dots when searching (there’s nothing for repeats) 

- I’ve tapped on the song to show the album icon and yet there’s nothing 

- I’ve tried finding the three dots in the top right corner (it doesn’t exist)

- the three dots near the left middle don’t have anything related to the song 


seriously why has the repeats song button been replaced with the hide / cancel song button.


its 2022 Spotify? I’ve been using since 2017 and i still don’t Understand why the feature has been hidden away / removed on iPhone. I can loop playlists and songs on my iPad my MacBook but not my iPhone ..


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Hey @yutikax,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


The repeat song function is available for users on mobile devices (phones) with a Premium subscription. This is why you can find it on a tablet and a PC, but not on a phone with a free account.


This page explains the differences between a free account and an account with a Premium subscription in greater detail.


Hope this helps,





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can anyone help,

im wanting to loop a single song indefinitely but can’t work out how, I click the loop button once and it just repeats the. Moves on to the next track 

Double click it 😊

Well, this post was 2 years ago lol! I am on the other side now, I’m paying for premium now

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