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Streaming Spotify to Wireless Speakers

Streaming Spotify to Wireless Speakers

How can I stream from my pc to an iLUV wireless speaker. The pc does not recognize the speaker as such, only as an earpiece. Still does not stream. Cannot find any device drivers for the speaker

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Hi. As long as the bluetooth connection works between your PC and the speakers, you should be able to right click on your little speaker icon in the taskbar to open playback devices. Then select the bluetooth speakers (or earpiece if that's what shows) as your default device and launch spotify.


I've had nothing but trouble getting my windows machine to stream successfully but you'll find a lot of moans and fixes with google search if you still have problems.

I now have my Iluv Mobitour speaker working.

My son who has his own IT company connected it up for me.

The problem was with the bluetooth device drivers. He downloaded the drivers and installed them then went through all previous instructions for recognition of the device. Once the device was recognised he right clicked on the sound speaker icon on the toolbar, selected playback devices and disabled all devices except my 'earphone' which he enabled. Everything worked immediately.

If you want to go back to the pc speakers you just enable/disable as above.


I think I have all the above correct. He moved that fast I could hardly keep up with him.

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