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Suggested/Similar Artists on iPhone App

Suggested/Similar Artists on iPhone App

Hi Guys,


Does anyone know (I doubt it though) if the SIMILAR ARTISTS option is also available on the iPhone app?

That would be amazing... and if not, then it's a suggestion to look forward to add in a future update, huh?




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I haven't found away to do this either. I've had to rely on third party websites to attempt this - not ideal

Personally, enhancing music discovery options for the iPad and iPhone app would be my #1 request from the spotify team. Having your music collection is great but being able to find new stuff is what makes spotify so appealing IMO.

Yes! Agreed. So far, this missing feature has been the worst part of switching from Android to iOS. Please add it ASAP, Spotifolks, if you're listening.



On the Android app it is also not possible to view similar artists. This is a BIG miss, because I have Spotify to discover new artists...


Gr Maarten

@Amazon62 wrote:


On the Android app it is also not possible to view similar artists.



This absolutely isn't true! Just go to the artist and swipe right, to the "related" tab.



Thanks for the reply, but you have to be more specific... Where do you do that?


EDIT: Oh, I was confused with the Spotify on Sonos. There it is not possible...



Any update on getting Similar Artists search added to the iPhone app?

yea guys/gals wtf. related artists is fundamental. increase engagement maybe? huge miss here. discovery is so one sided and bs. some people want to dig on their own terms and you make it impossible on the iphone assholes. 🙂


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