Switching from Bluetooth to Spotify Connect


Switching from Bluetooth to Spotify Connect

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iPhone X

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Hey guys,


I have a Spotify Connect enabled Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST speaker over which I typically listen to Spotify at home using an iPhone X. I however stumbled over an annoying issue…


Quite some songs fail to be played back via Spotify Connect, like for example Guns N‘Roses - Live and Let Die, only exhibiting a short crackling at the beginning before audio via Spotify Connect automatically gets muted.


I now found out that this happens if MEGABLAST and iPhone have previously been connected through Bluetooth inside the Spotify app. I found a workaround by setting the iOS system-level audio output from MEGABLAST/Bluetooth to the internal speakers. Afterwards all songs play nicely through Spotify Connect/WiFi again.


It is really weird that Bluetooth somehow „interferes“ with Spotify Connect on the iPhone and that not all songs are affected by the playback issue. I first thought it was a speaker related issue but the found workaround made me think otherwise. It might very well be a problem with the Spotify app.


Any ideas?



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I just tried replicating what you were trying, and have been unsucessful. I have the same speaker, and switching works flawlessly for me. Spotify Connect works through the wifi network, so it shouldn't interfere with a bluetooth connection. 


The bluetooth connection trying to play Spotify from your phone to the speaker, while the speaker is simultaneously trying to play on Spotify Connect could be a culprit, as you can only play on one device at a time.


Regardless, it seems like a weird bug, you can report it and see if they come up with a fix.



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Thanks for your input! Here are my steps to reproduce the issue...


(1) Connect MEGABLAST and iPhone X over Bluetooth

(2) Play some music via Spotify app over Bluetooth

(3) Switch audio output inside the Spotify app to MEGABLAST over Spotify Connect

(4) Play song Guns N'Roses - Live and Let Die (as I said, not all songs are affected)


Check whether the Spotify app still uses Spotify Connect to the MEGABLAST for playback. In my case, the song never plays but only exhibts a short crackling sound. Only after setting the iPhone's system-level audio output to internal speakers, everything is fine.