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Synced Playlists randomly unsynced

Synced Playlists randomly unsynced

I had a few playlists synced on my spotify iOS app(under 300 songs total). I listened to a couple of those playlists in the car last week with no problem, but today when I tried to listen to them they were no longer synced.


The only thing I did inbetween the two instances was sync an additional small playlist(about 12 songs).


I am a premium member.

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Hello 🙂 How long have you had these play lists in 'Offline Mode'. Because Spotify does refresh this every 30 days. Good Luck!

Really? Well that's inconvenient. That must be just for the mobile apps? Because my desktop app has never had any playlists removed from offline mode.


There should really be some sort of notification if they are going to be removing my playlists from offline mode without my permission. Because as it is I might be going offline for a long trip or something and be stuck without access to my playlists without any warning.

I **bleep**ing agree, Halley. I **bleep**ing agree.

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