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Synced local files show "unknown artist"

Synced local files show "unknown artist"


iPhone 8 Plus

Operating System

iOS 13.3


Does anybody else see "unknown artist" as the artist of their synced local files in Spotify version 8.5.40? I'm currently on 8.5.42 but the issue started already in 8.5.3x builds. I've reported it multiple times, I've reinstalled the app, I've synced the files again but nothing.





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i have this too

PS. Did you use Mac or Windows client to sync the files?

I have this issue as well. I'm on Catalina and latest iOS.



Same here. I suspect that it's an issue with Spotify client in Catalina because it has some other strange issues as well but I'm not 100% sure. I'll try syncing local files from a Windows client tomorrow and see if that fixes the issue. 

I also have the same issue, I updated to 8.5.40 and it changed from the actual artists' names to "unknown artist"

Same, latest Spotify update is broken. Paid software and they can't even get the most basic things right

Same issue with Windows client. Local Files in a playlist even without syncing them already shows unknown artist.

Happened to me as well.

same. its showing up as “unknown artist” on my phone, but it seems fine on windows

Calling for a moderator to start an ongoing issue regarding this.

i'm still running ios12 on an iphone SE and i too have this problem!

Finally, alpha version 8.5.43 fixed it.

I also have this problem. 

Thanks for the update. Since I don't alpha/beta, I'll wait for the final version.

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