Syncing with iPod Shuffle (latest model)


Syncing with iPod Shuffle (latest model)


Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help.  I have Spotify Premuium and I'd like to sync my playlists (offline) to my iPod Shuffle.  When I go to sync through spotify - I see the warning on my playlists - 'Only local files Synced.  I have made the playlists available offline, can anyone confirm that my scenrio works and what steps I'm missing.  Thanks in advance!


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Only the touch can run a spotify app so that's the only one you can use for listening to spotify content.

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Unfortunately, due to technical limitations with iPods, only local files can be synced to iPod nanos, shuffles and classics. This means you are unable to sync Spotify catalogue content, even if its offline playlists to those devices. There is a detailed explanation of why this is over on this topic



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Thanks Peter-


Not ideal, shuffle seems to be a good device for this (being mobile/on the move etc)   Thanks for your help




Thanks again for your help.  Do you know if the latest version iPod Nano supports offline sync?  Or is it only the touch and above?


Thanks again for your help!




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Only the touch can run a spotify app so that's the only one you can use for listening to spotify content.


You can sync to your ipod by downloading an older version of spotify  i got one from the website file horse her the link --- [moderator edit]

hopes this helps, it helped me 🙂

unfortunatley this will only work with your local files 😞

Mi spiegate come posso sincronizzare l'iPod Shiffle con le mie playlist? Grazie




I have the same issue with my shuffle. Having been a longtime spotify subscriber and the shuffle being a useful piece of kit on which to listen to music.... I think spotify should address this issue urgently. It can't be a difficult technical solution to allow premium users to access and store content onto a ipod shuffle (!)




darn did a google search and this was the first article to come up. 

I bought the shuffle because this article said it was possible. I might have to sign up to itunes too. What a bummer! 


so did it work?


i like a beer to


Hello Peter,


As said before, there are some articles on the internet which say it's possible to sync (with iPod shuffle i.e) using an older spotify version. Is that correct?


No, you can only sync 'local' (i.e. MP3 files you have bought and downloaded through iTunes) to the iPod Shuffle or Nano.   You can play these through Spotify, so when these articles talk about 'syncing' with Nano or Shuffles, they only mean the MP3 tracks you have bought (NOT songs withing the Spotify catalogue that you have checked as 'Available Offline').

To do this (i.e. have Spotify 'offline' tracks on an iPod) - you need the iPod Touch.

Just to confirm. Only Ipod touch and nano can sync with spotify


HOW and which songs, specifically the nano (which doesn't have a Spotify app).


Unless the device has a Spotify app, you won't be able to sync songs to a device.  It's a licensing issue (the songs that you download are encrypted and only the Spotify app/software can unencrypt them).  If you don't have an app, you can only sync local songs (because local isn't coming from the Spotify service).


hallo i am not a nerd now i have spotify on my samsung mini 5 but iwould like to have spotify of line like now on my phone but on a mp3 player hi res is this posible is there any thanks


what a load of tosh, of course its possible,anything is to a developer willing to do the time ..use stamp its been created by developers for the purpose and another file im not allowed to say here as its a crack, but do the research you'l find it ...f8ze wonder aXXo retired ..sheesh! 


Found this thread while searching for this answer.  The answers were very clear and make sense, others have tried to reiterate it, yet the same question continues to be asked.


Yes it is physically possible to reprogram spotify to allow an offline playlist to be loaded to a device such as the shuffle or nano.  Is it in their current business model, NO.  It probably won't be, likely ever.
The non-touch devices cannot download and run the Spotify program, which based on their business model, is required to listen to songs on their catalog.  This is not a problem with Spotify, nor Apple, it's just two products that aren't compatible, let's get over it and move on.
If you want a detailed reason, a link was provided on the first page, I didn't read it as I can infer the contents, but use the resources provided please to aquire knowledge and answer your questions before repeating the same thing.

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