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The UI update is hurting our feelings - this is why

The UI update is hurting our feelings - this is why



I'm using spotify for over 5 years now. I was loyal all the time, except that one time when I tried to switch to Apple Music for better phone integration - but your interface was better. Now - If this UI stays as it is - I will finally make the switch.


This update invaded our homes and pushed our content away from us. This is emotional. Look through all the new posts, people really feel hurt. 


You oversimplified, wasted huge amounts of precious space. Scrolling through my playlists or albums now feels like using a Windows Phone with this HUGE tiles (ew).


I compiled the main concerns I have with this update and also provided a visual on top:


  1. We decide wether to listen to music or to podcasts even before opening the app. You choose to show us that option ALL THE TIME using ~15% vertical space, pushing our own content further down.
  2. The whole point of your App is to allow us to organize and listen to music. By putting this utterly useless "Favorite Songs" Playlists with thousands of singles in it on TOP with no option to hide it or even move out of the way you're encouraging the oppisite of organization: chaos. Because that's what this "Playlist" is: pure chaos. Who wants to scroll through 2k songs or even Shuffle them? Excpet when your whole library consists of 2k big room house singles, no offense.
  3. This "Add Playlist" Icon is the biggest "Add" button I've ever seen. And it is also ALWAYS on top and visible, pushing my own content further down. Please, make it smaller and put it in one of the 4 corners like a mobile phone user is used to. They recognize the little "+" sign, even if it's not HUGE - trust me!


Put simply:

  • You made the wrong things big
  • You pushed our own beloved content away by doing so
  • You made us feel like we are too dumb to choose from a reasonable long list of options (like we could in the old UI)

Please bring back the following UI model:


Start App -> Overview of my Stuff -> List to choose from (Albums, Artists, Podcasts), etc -> full screen content 


All we want is full screen content, beautifully listed without >5 filter options distracting us all the time.


Thank you for your attention.


edit: guess they wanted to shill the podcast functionality..

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Thank you. I hope this post spreads around and they'll listen this time.

Let's really hope because right now, they have only been displaying the classical big corporation "we dont give a sh*t, just give us your money and shut the f*ck up" attitude we all love. 

The user interface “upgrade” is definitely a step back. 


I would rather be able to see more of my playlists, in a smaller sized font with smaller /  no album art visible. 

Hey @evalapply.


Thanks for your feedback!


We'd like to invite you to the Ideas Exchange where you can post your own feedback and have other users vote for your idea.


Some of our best features we've gotten from users in the Ideas Exchange 🙂


Looking forward to your ideas. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

How can I add a new Idea? 


I see no option for doing so.

Chiming in with another perspective on the recently played playlist, or previously known as my songs (dont know why they moved them to a playlist instead of another option under your library/{playlists,artists,album,songs} but anyway.

The way i listen to music is usually obsesively listen to the most recent songs i've added. I dont have a curated playlist of songs to listen to. Just hit the most recent song and let it play through. I suspect this might have something to do as to why they moved the songs to this playlist. Maybe the majority of users also listen to music the way i do and hence why they made those changes.

I understand your listening habits are different. I'm just trying to give a different perspective on the point of "who uses this playlist? 2k songs...." argument

I understand that. Everybody has their own way.


I'm an album listener - not because I'm oldschool - but  in the genres I like the "album concept" is the opposite of dead, it's a must because it tells a story (Experimental Electronic, Ambient, Drone, ..).


I don't care about singles - I curate mood based playlists myself.


I know I'm not the "average" listener but man it sucks when companies choose to ignore their "power users" and "geeks". 


All I want is the ability to hide this blue monstrous Icon so my interface stays clean. 


What I don't get is the trend to oversimplify everything nowadays to the point where UX designers remove options from the settings to not "confuse" the users.


The way how spotify treats us all with this**bleep** copy paste statements, trying to sit out the outrage, just adds to this bad vibe.


I'm still waiting for an answer @spotify, btw.

I agree that there's no one way to listen to music. Everybody has their own listening habits and there's no one one size fits all for listening experience.

Maybe Spotify should have added a "classic UI" option to revert back to the old interface when they updated to the new interface. That way they would have allowed users to make their own choice.

For a company the calibre of Spotify, their lack of design and UI savvy is sorta shocking. They announced that their podcasting efforts aren’t paying off, yet the UI for podcasts is among the most abysmal of all podcasting apps. I'm not sure what they expect. I love Spotify but their UI is consistently awful. They need to bring in a third-party to audit their design team’s work.

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