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Touch Preview on iOS removal

Touch Preview on iOS removal

Hey folks, Spotify here!


Just a quick post to let you know we’re in the process of removing Touch Preview, the feature on the iOS app that gives you a sneak peek of a playlist, song, album, or artist before you hit play.


We’ve taken this decision as it currently has a very low engagement rate. We’re committed to offering the best experience on each platform, and we’re actively looking into new possibilities for the long press feature.


The change will take effect with app version 8.4.15, which goes live in the App Store today.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on what long press feature you’d like to see added. Thanks in advance for sharing your feedback!

427 Replies

I agree with about everyone here—this was a great feature and, if possible, it should absolutely be pushed back into the app.

Spotify obviously never had any intention of bringing the touch preview back and this was just to get a reaction.


This is thread has been going on for months if they genuinely wanted to see what their users thought, why not listen to them and do something about it earlier on!


Still don’t get the reasoning behind “not many users used this feature” ... So! Market it better then, make more people aware that there is this cool feature that helps you preview songs rather than having to play it and scroll halfway to see if you like the song! :@

That's correct, after updating the app I noticed right away that the feature didn't work because like the rest of us here, I used it a lot! So luckily I was able to backup from icloud quickly before another backup would have earased the version I wanted on my iphone. It was worth the headache to revert! Eventually I expect the feature won't work at all after an OS update on my phone. Once that happens then I'm back to Apple Music. I'm 'shocked' Apple doesn't apply a feature similar to this with their Force Touch... These tech companies are so smart that they their brains are completely fried. Take a vacation and rethink your strategies... hint: think common sense, think user freindly... You get paid enough, maybe too much, maybe that's the problem?

I don’t understand why they have left the “Behind the lyrics” feature (who even uses that?) but taken touch preview away. 


There’s no way this was due to low user engagement - more like song licensing or royalties I recon. 


Even though there’s been plenty of votes to have the feature put back in is there actually much chance it will happen? Spotify don’t seem to have much to say about it. 

Nooooo!!! I am canceling my subscription!!! 

Touch preview hasn't returned, but since today's update, where the Spotify app has been given a serious overhaul, you can now hear a sample of tracks by pressing the thumbnail next to the listing. Better than nothing I suppose, at least you can preview tracks. Not sure I'm 100% happy, as looking in "my music" the artists and albums options are not there. 

The thumbnail thing doesn’t work for me

Please bring it back guys! Or make it an option in the settings? 

Its something I still miss with all of my heart. 


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