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Touch Preview on iOS removal

Touch Preview on iOS removal

Hey folks, Spotify here!


Just a quick post to let you know we’re in the process of removing Touch Preview, the feature on the iOS app that gives you a sneak peek of a playlist, song, album, or artist before you hit play.


We’ve taken this decision as it currently has a very low engagement rate. We’re committed to offering the best experience on each platform, and we’re actively looking into new possibilities for the long press feature.


The change will take effect with app version 8.4.15, which goes live in the App Store today.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on what long press feature you’d like to see added. Thanks in advance for sharing your feedback!

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If you would like to see Touch Preview come back, you can add your vote to this idea:

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So I have another phone with the version just before this update, with the Touch Preview. I know this is a long shot and most likely is not possible. But is there anyway to transfer that version of the app to my current phone?

I think that's only possible in "jailbroken" devices. And probably not worth it anyways, as it is most probably just a matter of time before that version becomes obsolete and stops working or something.
Maybe our best shot would be looking for a better service, which by now won't be that hard, as Spotify continues to take bad decisions whithout considering its own customers.

Removing touch preview after also removing folder search and folder shuffle has me seriously considering another service. Whether a feature has low engagement or not you should be considering the impact you are having on highly engaged users who rely on these features. The ability to preview keeps artists I'm merely curious about from junking up my recommendations and my recently played list. It lets me check out a new song without interrupting my painstakingly sequenced playlist or queue. It's a vital component of how I use this service daily and it's beyond disappointing to have it suddenly removed without even a mention in the app's update notes.

such a valid point made

As a user who was using the feature on literally daily basis I am really sad that you are removing it. Just saying that this is drastically going to influence my experience in a negative way. Hope you bring the feature back.

**bleep**, only reason I use spotify.... go to **bleep**.... seriously.

Please reconsider this removal. Now discovering music is less efficient and easy which was a key reason I was drawn to this service. Like others have said, this is a major feature of Spotify that sets you guys apart from other services. Hope this is changed.

Yo exijo qué vuelva la función de Touch Preview ya que fue uno de los puntos que me motivo a tener una suscripción premium, sino me veré en la obligación de cancelar mi suscripción e irme a la competencia, últimamente su aplicación en iOS con nuevas características no ha sido muy acertada 😤

Maybe the problem about the engagement is that the marketing of this new feature is really bad! I discovered it like 2 weeks ago by myself (nobody in Spotify ever told me inside the app). 


And I loved it........ darn..... I came to this forum to ask why the touch preview didn't work and I'm sad to see it is deleted. I loved it and I know many more people will LOVE it aslong as you let them know!!

Tienen hasta la próxima actualización de app o cancelo mi suscripción, muchos deberían hacer lo mismo,como medida de disconformidad tras sacar esta función

I really hate to be repeating what everyone else in this thread is saying but I feel like I have to after my emotions tonight. My baby sister and I end our day by reading and playing around on Spotify listening to her movie soundtracks and my goofier EDM music that she seems to enjoy. The preview feature has been central to that ever since I discovered it by accident ~a year ago and early this evening when I pressed on the Trolls album and nothing happen I was so disappointed. It's weird having such a little thing make such a big feeling for a day, but I just don't see why this had to be removed. I'm not so much mad as just honestly sad to see it go because I've had such good memories with it. I'd love to have it back, and see better support for it, but from what I've read on other threads I'm not sure if that'll happen anytime soon.

Please bring this feature back! It was one of the most useful features which i discovered by chance (maybe thats the point it was used relatively less by the users).

I don't want a new long press feature. Just bring touch preview back! I'm using it every day and at first I thought it's just a bug that it is not working anymore.


First you replaced the great iPad layout and turned it into a huge iPhone and now this.. which feature do you want to remove next? The gestures to quickly add a song to my library and the playing queue because it's not available on Android either?.. This sucks.


I recommend to just promote the feature better if it has a "very low engagement rate" instead of removing it entirely.

Please don't remove touch preview! Why would you do that ?!? I used to use it all day every day. It's the thing that made me switch from Deezer to Spotify. Might go back since there's nothing unique to other music streaming apps anymore.

Truly disappointed about the decision..

My friend had no idea this feature existed and was genuinely excited when I showed them they could preview songs the other day. Imagine my disappointment to have lost it in an update the next day.
Personally, I used it almost every day. Maybe the lack of use stemmed from a lack of advertisement? It's been so long but I can't even remember if I saw instructions or just stumbled across it...

I'm extremely disappointed by this change, I regret upgrading my app, would not have if it had been listed in the update notes. Also was one of many who thought my app was broken, you could have done a better job communicating the change. I have discovered so much of the music I listen to via touch preview, please bring it back!

Want to add yet another angry voice. This decision is incredibly disappointing. Was attempting to showcase this to a friend today only to find it'd been removed from the app. A bonkers decision that really needs to be reconsidered.

Such a bad choice!
Please enable it back.

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