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Track links do not work.

Track links do not work.

Hear me now.


I love the social aspect of Spotify. However, when I get music links from friends (people don't seem to use the build in sharing feature) that link to a specific track I am unable to see what track is linked. When I open the link in the iOS version of Safari (I'm on iOS 8.0.2) I get linked to the album the track is on and I have to be that tedious guy every time or listen to the whole album. Why?


Also: I love the new system for saving songs and albums. I can now systematically add music and listen to it later instead of dropping a bunch of tunes in a bloated playlist. However I am missing this functionality from my iPad. I save music that I "put on trial" and determine in what playlist I'll drop it. As with all music I'm always excited to listen to new stuff but when I listen on my iPad (that would be in the kitchen, shower and in the gym) I'm forced to listen to music that is not as new and exciting to me. It's been so long now since the new app came for the iPhone and client for OS X/Windows, but where is the iPad version? I guess it isn't that big of a deal but it feels like it's been forever now.


My first concern is much more annoying than the iPad one. This needs to be fixed ASAP. It's been like this for a while too.


This is the type of link I'm talking about:


I bolded the track part. Notice how it doesn't say album.

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The link is designed for the song to play automaticly in the desktop web player, not the mobile one. To be honest, I would just use the built in sharing feature, it's faster and easier.


PS - At least I'm not the only one whio likes the Aphex Twin album 🙂

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