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Track name stuck


Track name stuck



Since the last update (i'm using Spotify on my 4S iPhone under 5.1.1 iOS), the track's name on the lock screen doesn't follow the playing - a bit annoying 😉


any ideas?


thanks 😉



24 Replies

Hi everyone  - We released another iOS update earlier this week (0.5.4). Please perform a clean reinstallation to ensure you've got that latest version.


How does that work for you? Is everyone experiencing this only when playing numerous tracks on the same album? Anyone getting the locked screen with playlists with a mix of artists? Please know we're still here and working on this for you guys. 



Sorry to burst your bubble Meridith but your update DID NOT fix the problem. People are getting upset as you might gather if you read posts in the 3 threads that discus this problem.I won't be around to find out how this works out. Two months is enough. The app is unusable to me.

This update did not fix the problem.



I just commented in another thread relating to this topic - 


We're still looking into this, and our top men are on the case. I'll lock this thread for now, as having multiple ones going can get a little messy - Keep your eye over on the other one for updates. 

Airhorn Enthusiast

Fixed! Pop over to the app store and update to 0.6! I'll lock this thread now!

Airhorn Enthusiast

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