Turn off cross-device control

Turn off cross-device control

If I'm playing music on one thing, I don't want it to start playing somewhere else. I don't know when this 'feature' got added but it's a total nightmare. 


Here's the problem: I have Spotify on my desktop at work, as well as installed on my mobile. I listen to music while working. When I go out at lunch, I take the headphones from my computer and start the mobile app. In the gym I listen to music on my phone, and then when I get back to the office I switch back to listening to music on my computer.


What I definitely don't want to happen is that when I'm in the gym, I start controlling the music on my computer, which now lacking anything in it's headphone jack starts pumping out Vulfpeck at high volume when other people are trying to concentrate.


It gets worse if I try to sync music to my mobile playlist- I'll likely have the app open on both, if I tell it to stay playing on one there doesn't seem to be any easy way to tell it to switch to the other. Restarting the app works; but that's not a particularly good solution, is it.


This is all very connected and Internet of things and we're all very happy that you get to write blog posts about how amazing it is and maybe you feel like you can get a TED talk out of it or perhaps a higher share allocation for the inevitable IPO but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE STOP CHANGING THINGS WITHOUT WARNING!




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Hi Godwhacker,


I've been doing some searching on the forum to look if there is a solution for the problem. It seems there isn't one yet. But it is allready on the feature request list on the following link: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/Make-Spotify-Connect-a-choice/idi-p/729015


The more kudos this idea get's the higher it might be on the To do list 😉

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