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Turn off spotify connect?

Turn off spotify connect?

Hi, I'd like to know how to turn off spotify connect, it is not a function I like to have turn on automatically when it detects other devices in the network.
Many thanks
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I am using an iPhone 6, and what I do is go to "Settings" on my iPhone, tap "Cellular", and then under "Use Cellular Data for", turn it off for "Spotify". That helps to prevent the Spotify app on my iPhone from connecting to my laptop when I am using Spotify on my laptop. Of course, it goes without saying that if you want to play Spotify on your iPhone later again, you need to enable Cellular data for Spotify on your iPhone later. It is a bit tedious, but it is the simplest solution I have so far. For other phone users, I suppose you can use the same concept to essentially choose to disable the use of Cellular Data for your phone when playing music from Spotify on other devices. 

A while ago I was connecting to random devices that I don't know and I emailed Spotify and they told me to disconnect the device and change the password.  I did and just recently I keep connecting to another unknown device playing different music.  LET US TURN THIS CRAP OFF.  I'm going to subscribe to Google music or something.  You guys can't take the hint that maybe you have a serious problem.

Hi @doggyhatefire, have you tried signing out from all devices?


Generally Connect should show the device name, what device name is coming up? Are you able to tell at all what the device is?

Yeah, it's like a galaxy mini or some kind of phone. I disconnected and changed my password, but if this happens again I'm canceling my subscription.

@doggyhatefire - definitely give the "Sign out everywhere" button on the account page a try as well. I linked it above.

This feature is retarded everyone suffers for the 5 people who actually want it? GIve us a **bleep**ing off button this thread is 2 years old ffs.

This needs to be fixed ASAP. If spotify thinks this is an acceptable way to deal with customer complaints then they are hugely mistaken.  I'd want to know who is, most likely, getting paid lots of money to drive your customer feedback and user experience teams; because they need firing immediately. 










well aren't you helpful...

Yeah we get it but you don't have to be so smug and matter of fact about it. White America loves talking to people like they are above EVERYTHING. **bleep**.

When I'm using Spotify and I try to connect to the wifi the app closes always so I can only use it without wifi

Seriously what is this **bleep**? I haved used spotify for 2 years at home and at the gym with 0 Issues, but earlier tonight it randomly kept connecting to something calledd ROX. I found it was due to Spotify Connect and from ehat I read so far about Spotify Connect it cannot be turned off... is this some kind of early april fools joke from Spotify? It allows me to click on "Listen On This Phone" but 5 seconds later the music stops and connects to something at the gym using Spotify Connect over and over again. What is the point of asking if i want to listen to the music on my phone if will keep wanting to connect using Spotify Connect instead? How do I turn this **bleep** feature off? Is Spotify trying to send customers to Apple Music or something?

I had someone else's (a random person) playlist start playing on my phone this morning. I have ONLY 1 account, have never shared it. I somehow worked out that I had to go tothe website and logout of everything. That worked. For now.

This issue still persists, happened to me at work (I had my Bluetooth on and was using the office WiFi, but listening to a playlist I had downloaded to my phone). Previously it has only occured while I was at home on my WiFi with Bluetooth also on. The only devices that have Spotify are: andrpid cellphone, apple ipad, and windows computer.


Not sure why this problem is still going after being known for multiple years. I mean, really, it's been FOUR YEARS since OP.

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