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Unable to add song to playlist

Unable to add song to playlist

I am unable to add a song to a playlist on my iPhone X. 
song: in water by bay ledges

playlist: 2022

Plan premium


Country USA 



iPhone X

Operating System


spotify version:



My Question or Issue

i am unable to add a song to a playlist. Thought it was a problem because it was currently playing. Started playing another song and tried to add, wasn’t the same


event occurrence: roughly 8:20am pst 4/23/22


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Hey @123096398,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


What iOS version are you on? If there are any updates available, it'd be great for you to check them: having Spotify and iOS both on the latest versions leads to the best experience. A clean reinstall of the app would also be great for you to try, as it could do the trick if this issue is just a small hiccup. 


The playlist you're mentioning, is it a public one? Or private/collaborative? Regarding the song, mind also sharing the exact link associated with it (as you're listening to it and trying to add it to the playlist)? We'll test how/if we can add the song to a playlist. 


Let us know how you get on. Cheers!

Mario Moderator
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