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Upgrade pop up keeps showing up before log in

Upgrade pop up keeps showing up before log in

Everytime I open spotify on my iphone 5, a pop up telling me that I can listen to music offline if I upgrade (i'm a still a spotify free user) keeps showing up. I have to press the  "ok, got it" button several times before it really goes away.

I understand that this pop up may be set to show up whenever the app is offline, but it would be awesome if I only had to press that button once.




Username: flaviocm
Running on an iPhone 5 - iOS7.1.1 (NOT jailbroken)
Spotify app version:

Mobile Carrier: Vivo (Brazil)


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Hello @flaviocm Welcome to the Spotify Community, however, this is out of our community reach.

Does this happen all the time? You don't have to sign out of the Spotify app.. It will remained signed in all the time btw.

You can contact Spotify and let them know your feedback directly so it can be passed on to the right people:

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