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Voice search

Spotify premium on IOS 12.1


I read on spotify's webpage that you can now use voice search on premium. However i'm not getting the icon up to tap to do a voice search, what am i missing?

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Spotify Voice can be activated by long pressing the "search" button in the dock. It can also be activated by tapping on the microphone icon located in the top right of the search page! 


More information about Spotify Voice can be found here!

Ive tried long pressing search, googled that earlier. There's no microphone
top or bottom right. Nothing. Been into settings to see if it's got access
to the mic. Nothing there, so it's not even tried requesting it. I've also
removed and reinstalled the app from the app store. Again nothing.

Is this something that absolutely should be there or is it a selective beta
setting i've not got or something??

To my knowledge, it is a feature of the base Spotify App. Do you mind sharing what version of the Spotify app and ios device you are using? 

Same problem. I cannot turn on the microphone in settings because Spotify is not listed. The microphone icon does not show up in search. I have family premium, ios 12+. It is as though Spotify never added this technology. But somehow I'm paying for it.

@mbarmstrong01 the microphone permission will not appear in ios settings until it is first requested by the Spotify app when used.

If tapping and holding the "search" icon in the bottom dock of the Spotify app does not bring up the voice page, what version of the Spotify app are you using? (this can be found under Spotify settings -> about -> Version) Spotify

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Again, you did not read the message. I deleted and downloaded the Spotify app. Which means it is up to date.

Spotify versions can vary by country as some features are only available in certain countries (voice search, for example, is only available in the US), but I will bring this up to the moderators so they can better help you troubleshoot! 

When will it be available outside the US? It seems that not everyone with
this problem is outside the us.

If you are not located in the US, there is not a current time estimate for when this feature will be availible outside the US, but you can create a new topic on the Ideas board so the developers are aware of the demand of it outside the US! 


If you are in the US and are still having issues, let me know and I can look into it for you further.

Well that's a bit crappy. The website does not state clearly it's USA only.
That's why I subbed. Better while I'm driving

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