Volume Normalisation not working

Volume Normalisation not working





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(iPhone 13

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(iOS 15.1.1


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I have an issue that when I am listening to music the volume of each song is different so I find myself having to keep turning my music up and down every time a new song is on. I understand that artists, producers etc make songs with different levels and volumes etc but why have a volume normalisation toggle in the settings if it can't normalise at least some of the songs I listen to. Its getting to be every song I'm listening to and its even worse if I play it through my Sonos speaker. Please get this fixed

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Hey @Andrewtaylor2805,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out to us!


Could you let us know what troubleshooting steps you've tried so far so we avoid repeating them? If you haven't already, try performing a clean reinstall of the app.


Feel free to also switch between the volume levels (try switching to Loud or Quiet). In case you have another mobile device available, try these settings on it as well to see if there's a difference.


Keep us posted on this.



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I have noticed this as well and not only recently. It seems this never has been fixed at all. Despite the frequent clean installs and changing settings this option just isn't working. Changing volume levels doesn't do anything as well. Loud, Normal or Quiet there's no difference whatsoever. Not on my MacBook or Android phone, or the previous ones.

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