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Volume buttons on device don't work when casting

Volume buttons on device don't work when casting

As of Spotify 8.9.xx and newer I can't control the volume on my iPhone when casting to a Chromecast device. I need to go into the slider inside the Spotify app to change the volume.


This is not an iOS or apple issue:

My non working version of Spotify is and just today updated to 8.9.18.xx which has the same bug.

On another iPhone a WORKING version of Spotify is

The latter works perfectly fine. It is not a iOS problem but a Spotify bug!

Both iPhones run iOS 17.3.1


If this is not being actively solved by Spotify I'm sorry to say I will cancel my subscription and change to Tidal. This is a CORE functionality.

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Hey folks,

Thanks for raising this on the Community!

Due to updates on iOS, Spotify users no longer can use their iPhone's volume controls to change the volume on connected speakers. Instead, please use the volume slider in the device menu.


We'll be here if you need anything else.

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I get that too with latest dev build 

Doesn't make sense why it works with the former. Right now it works as it should. iOS 17.4.1 and Spotify ver. On my sisters phone.

I switched to Tidal. I don't like the arrogant behaviour from Spotify reg. this.

Seems to work again on my Apple Watch, looks like the app updated.

Seems to work with iOS 17.4.1 and Spotify 8.9.30

Horrible answer! 
Needs to be fixed!!

The issue seems to be fixed and working after the latest update on ios this week.

Same here. I used to be able to control my Sonos speakers volume with the volume buttons on my iPhone and now I can’t. 

If this is going to be permanent (which I hope it isn’t) could you at least move the in app volume controls to the main screen so you can change it quickly? And make it buttons instead of the slider? The slider is pretty unresponsive for me and jumps around. 

though update is coming from apple, whats spotify plan to correct it? The acknowledgement is fine but Im not paying to get a music app that I cant control when casting

This is so janky, lol. Come on Spotify PMs, prioritize this JIRA ticket and get it on the next release. 

This issue is still there in version 8.9.34 on iPadOS and iOS. When starting streaming via Spotify Connect, I can only control the volume via the volume slider of the device that is plays via Spotify Connect. When force closing the app on my iPad/iPhone and then reopen it, the volume buttons on my iPad/iPhone work again to control the volume on the device that plays via Spotify Connect.


My iPad Pro 12" M2 (6th gen) is running on iPadOS 17.4.1 and my iPhone Pro 15 is running on iOS 17.4.1.

Is this being updated to work with the new iOS version or is the feature being ditched completely?

Hi this has been going on for months - it works one release then stops the
next. Loads of people ranting and lots of hot air expended by all on
technical deliberations -no response from Spotify. Ranters run out of
breath and give up - it works then stops again - fresh bus load of ranters
join the forum - and off we go again. Welcome to ground hog day casual
listener 😀







iPhone 14, iPad Air 2

Operating System

iPhone with 17.5 RC (not working)

iPad Air 2 with iOS 17.4.1 (working)

My Question or Issue

The Hardware Buttons on my iPhone 14 with the iOS Release Candidate 17.5 are not working.

My iPad with the latest stable iOS 17.4.1 is still working.

Receiver is a Denon AVR-X2700H

Sorry, I can‘t find the edit options for my post.

To be more specific, my topic is about changing the volume with the hardware buttons of the iPhone.



How is it possible that the world's most popular music app has a failing so basic that you can't easily change the volume?  Strip the video jank etc out of the app and just make it work at a basic level....

Alright. I think I have figured it out.

Spotify is the biggest streaming service.
Spotify is now leveraging that position by pushing for larger margins on their Spotify Connect API which they sell to hardware manufacturers so that they can control Spotify playback.

Chromecast is a direct competitor to Spotify Connect so they deliberately make the user experience worse on Chromecast enabled devices to be able to sell more Spotify Connect licenses.

It's a "follow the money" analysis which often turns out to be correct when all other means of logic fails.

It also explains the absolute silence from Spotify on this issue and the inept and obviously false statement from the supporter in this thread. 

I see it’s not working again to coincide with iOS 17.5 and watchOS 10.5.



It's an interesting theory, but it doesn't work on Spotify Connect devices either so I think this one is probably more incompetence than malice.

after updating my iphone to iOS 17.5 (with spotify I got the same issue.

After looking on the internet, I found this thread.

I am interesting in knowing the real rationale behind this feature removal.

Probably more complex than a simple "technical issue"...

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