Volume control missing for Connect


Volume control missing for Connect


I have an ipad mini (non-retina) and an iphone 5s.  Both are updated to ihe latest ios 8.0.2 and are running Spotify v  


When I start Spotify in one or the the other device, I can establish comm via Connect and control the playlists, stop & start, advance and rewind - but no volume control. The volume slider is simply not there. Tapping the speaker icon on the bottom right brings up the list of available devices to control, but no volume control is present anywhere.  The volume buttons do not work on the remote device, only on the player device.  


For example: I can start up Spotify on my ipad mini.  I choose a playlist, hit play and everything works as advertised.  I then start up Spotify on my iphone, it promtps me to "Connect" to my ipad, and I choose that option.  I now have remote control of all functions - except volume.  Volume is only adjustable from the playing device.  


Maybe it's the ipad?  So I reverse the process, starting the music on my iphone, then my ipad.  Prompt comes up on the ipad, choose the iphone as the output, and all functions are remote controlled - except the volume.  


Each device can connect to an airplay speaker with no issues, full feature and volume control.  Each deveice works just fine on it's own, with or without headphones.  


I have logged out of each device, uninstalled, restarted the device, reinstallled, and signed in again.  No joy. 


What am I missing here?  Is there a setting on the device that I need to change, or is it just not a function of the ios software yet?  Because it's advertised as doing just that task, but I have yet to see it work that way.  


Thank you in advance, any help would be appreciated.  

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Re: Volume control missing for Connect

Hallo i have the exact same problem. I'm running ios 8.1. What I can see is that the volume control is there but it slides down and is no longer visible.

Re: Volume control missing for Connect

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You can't control the volume of iOS devices using Spotify Connect. Not 100% sure of the reasoning but I would assume it's a safe bet Apple don't allow you to change system level properties like Volume remotely for security reasons.

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