Volume increments are too high

Volume increments are too high







iPhone XR

Operating System

iOS 12.3.1


My Question or Issue

Hi! I bought a Samsung sound bar a couple of months ago and was forced to switch to Apple Music because Spotify Connect almost killed my sound system and my hearing.


The volume buttons on my iPhone increments my sound bar volume by multiple levels with each press when using Spotify Connect. A couple of touches on the buttons caused the volume on my sound bar to increase to 15-20. At this level my sound bar awakens the entire house or kills someone’s hearing if they’re next to the speakers. 


One time the volume increased to close to maximum, which could have killed my speakers! I’m amazed that they survived!


i notice lots of people have been having this issue for years, but Spotify doesn’t seem to bother fixing it. 


Can someone tell me if this issue has been resolved lately, or do I have to keep using Apple Music?

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