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Waiting for S to sync with nano...where is the sync button?

Waiting for S to sync with nano...where is the sync button?


Ok... please help. Why is their not a 'sync button' in the program like itunes has? can i speak to the designer? Are you mad for not


putting the simple piece of design in the setup. If Itune has it their must be a good reason.


Ive waited too long for some sort of automated setup to kick start even though the off line files are on my mac.


If i click 'chose manually sync' the program crashes. Why?


I have a ipod nano gen 4. I cant find a list of equipment that wont sync with Spotify so im not sure if i need a new ipod.


The ipod has been formatted and is ready for something to happen, what is it? what am I missing?


Is there another program that is better at sync with an ipod than Spotify?

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I also have problems with iphone nano model MC688LL firmware version 1.2 PC


i followed this faq!/article/Sync-your-device-with-Spotify


but my ipod does not synchronize the offline downloaded files 

@user-removed - Is it synching all tracks before you select the manual option?

@kfiasche - You can only sync local files you own to iPod nano's not any content from Spotify. What generation of nano is it?

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Nothing is syncing in auto or manual. 4th generation nano. I know about local downloaded files for syncing. No joy.

@Peter  my iPod nano version is 6th generation


I thought that I could download the contents of spotify on my ipod... 😞

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