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Weird issue with iOS 13, Spotify app, and Apple Music

Weird issue with iOS 13, Spotify app, and Apple Music




United States


iphone 11

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iOS 13


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I am having bizarre issues with a few albums/songs no longer playing on my phone. I believe the issue is relating to them having been saved as albums I purchased on iTunes and syncing them that way, but trying to play in Spotify. These 2 specific albums then refused to play in Spotify, ever. My only recourse was to 1. remove them from my Apple Music library 2. Delete Spotify from my phone 3. Reinstall. Since I had a lot of music saved via Spotify on my phone, this meant I had to re download a lot of stuff. Annoying but minor. Figured I'd put this out here to see if anyone else had ran into anything similar. Before anyone asks - not a licensing issue in anyway as I could play the albums from the desktop or webapp, but on the phone it would briefly act like it was going to play and then play nothing.


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